Teleplasmiste – Festival/Mirie It Is

Let’s be pedantic, and use its original 13th Century name “Mirie It Is While Sumer Llast”. This and “Sumer Is Icumen In” are both rare examples of 13th Century songs that aren’t psalms.

Teleplasmiste is a collaboration between co-founder of Strange Attractor Press, Mark Pilkington (Raagnagrok, Urthona, The Begotten, Luminous Foundation) and Michael J. York (Coil, The Holy Family, The Stargazer’s Assistant, The Utopia Strong, The Witching Tale) who’s also leant his talents to Current 93, Shirley Collins and Ulver among many others.

Aside from their rich musical pedigree, another thing that excited me about asking them was that Mark appeared in the documentary “Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched” which planted the seed from which this project grew. Also Strange Attractor Press put out the excellent book “Of Mud and Flame: A Penda’s Fen Sourcebook” which really let me deep dive one of my favorite films.

I felt like Teleplasmiste would be able to do something incredibly radical with the music while at the same time treating it with the greatest respect and reverence.

The result is the longest song on the album, nearly nine minutes long, starting off in a huge swirling abstract whirl of analogue synthesizers and subtle pipes, it builds in intensity before piping out the old refrain in spectacular fashion.

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