Hawthonn – Lullaby

Lullaby in the film is a simple harp refrain based around a repeating riff. Not something that would really lend itself to a cover version usually but in the right hands it could be the seed that grows a mighty tree. Hawthonn were definitely the right hands

Raising up in the same West Yorkshire psychedelic scene as the likes of Vibracathedral Orchestra and Ashtray Navigations (for whom Phil of Hawthonn played with on a few recordings), they chart their own distinctive path that recalls how Coil blurred the lines between art and the occult.

While as ethereal as anything Dead Can Dance or Six Organs of Admittance have invoked in a studio and definitely seekers of obscured truths, they bring that no bullshit Yorkshire attitude and would most likely sooner collaborate with Celine Dion than entertain any of that fake edgelord, shit-posting nonsense. They’re real people, not posers in any sense.

I was so excited when they agreed to do this track because I really had no idea where they would go with it. As I suspected, they used the original merely as a launchpad and are as indebted to Paul Giovanni about as much as Chris Corsano is to the first ancestor to hit a bone on some stretched skin.

It’s not so much a cover version, as a righteous evolution.


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