and it’s not just great artwork

When you got 17 different acts recording in 17 different ways you really need someone who can make it all fit together smoothly. Also when Bandcamp offers high res downloads and vinyl needs special treatment to sound good and CD needs a different approach you really need somebody to master it who’s got a good grounding on all the formats.

A good understanding of the mission and the music would help too. So it had to be Andrew Liles who’d himself contributed a track to the album with his blood-curdling take on “The Landlord’s Daughter”.

As well as being a seasoned producer, composer and musician, Liles’ technical skills have leant themselves to many a mastering job for the likes of Nurse With Wound, David Holmes, Ben Chasny, Jarvis Cocker, Gnod, Bill Fay, Current 93, The Lounge Society, Natural Snow Buildings, Comus, Kawabata Makoto, W.H.Lung, The Orielles and many, many more.

No good having such a great line-up for the album, all giving their best, if we’re not going to make it sounds as good as possible. Being so heavily experienced in mastering all the types of music featured on here, Liles has done a perfect job.

Andrew Liles – The Landlord’s Daughter

As I looked at the list of songs, this one definitely caused a lot more consideration that most.

Based on a old song collected by Cecil Sharp (according to a contemporary interview with Paul Giovanni the older version was weirder, possibly referring to “The Hostesses Daughter” which while pretty rude isn’t as bawdy as what Shaffer turned it into), its a bunch of old men singing lewdly about a young woman.

In the film its presented in such a jolly manner and in the old version of the film, you’re left wondering if its all just some crude jokes or are they actually intimately familiar with her? However, the DVD age brought us the longer cut found in Roger Corman’s office and we see Lord Summerisle bringing the young man to Willow.

This context makes us look at this song in a different light. It also made me wonder – “What sort of maniac would actually want to cover this?”

Andrew Liles started out as solo artist at the start of the century putting out CDRs but rose to prominence through his work with Nurse With Wound and Current 93. While still a core part of those acts, he’s continued as a solo artist and also worked with the likes of Faust, The Groundhogs [you HAVE to hear his remix of “Split”], Peter Strickland and Maniac (of Mayhem!).

Liles’ version is very fearless, never flinching from the possible disturbing implications of what lies behind the song. In fact, he amplifies them, creating a genuinely horrifying waltz of madness.