Michael Begg – Appointment With The Wicker Man

This one on the soundtracks is just a fanfare, some dialogue and some sound of burning from the film. Well, I say “just” but it is some classic dialogue

Written out like that it sounds kind of skippable but however, I had a better idea. You see I’m an enormous fan of the Scottish composer/producer Michael Begg ever since I heard the fourth album of his project Human Greed back in 2011.

He’s also a prime member of Fovea Hex alongside Clodagh Simonds (Mellow Candle). He’s also collaborated with Brian Eno, Colin Potter, Chris Connelly and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. And he’s definitely a dab hand with the field recordings too, as this incredible album based round the sounds of a Glasgow crane demonstrated

So it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get him to record something for Was Ist Das? He was the first person to finish their track for the project, and this conversation led to classic Human Greed albums getting reissues on Was Ist Das? on double cassette deluxe editions

It just goes to show how long “Ballads of Seduction, Fertility & Ritual Slaughter” has taken to come together, because we’ve now done two double casette reissues before the project was finished. Heck, the catalogue number for Ballads is WAS58, our reissue of “Fortress Longing” is WAS68.

Anyway, taking advantage of his home studio and immediate proximity to the Scottish coast, Michael Begg has created something intimate and intense using his studio skills and authentic field recordings. Now it is time for YOUR appointment with the Wicker Man

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