Dean McPhee – Sunset

The Wicker Man Wiki says that this is apparently derived from a Bulgarian folk song called “Zamrakanala Mona Jana” of which I struggle to find any trace. Messing around with Google Translate I get the claim that the title is in Arabic and means “You are not from heaven”. That may be AI just talking cobblers. So the more I try to find out about this one, the more mysterious it becomes

Dean McPhee is a solo electric guitarist who has recorded for labels like Folklore Tapes, Hood Faire, Blast First Petite and Reverb Worship.

I’ve tried many times over the years to review Dean’s music and it always feels like floundering trying to find the right words. It’s beautiful, atmospheric, spacious. Play it for yourself and see what I mean

Dean’s never done a cover version before but I just had this absolute conviction that this song would sound amazing floating out of his guitar and would make a perfect final track for the album. Luckily he agreed and so does the record.

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