David Colohan – Loving Couples/The Ruined Church

Well, now we’re properly into the realm of instrumental themes, though of course “Loving Couples” is just a soft, wordless flute reprise of “Gently Johnny”. The piece known as “The Ruined Church” is taken from the start of Benjamin Britten’s “Corpus Christi Carol” which is an ingenious reappropriation when you think about it.

David Colohan is an Irish singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He’s the most common element of United BIble Studies (though even he is not on every UBS record or live line-up) and has previously worked solo as Agitated Radio Pilot and Raising Holy Sparks before switching to just using his own name.

Since then, he’s firmly established himself as one of the leading synthesizer dreamers of our age, creating endless works of analogue electronic beauty

Does it count as cheating when I’d already got him on here as part of UBS? Not really, cause there’s a very distinctive difference to his solo stuff and I knew he’d be a perfect fit for this. There’s hints of Coil circa “Music To Play In The Dark” and also the feel of something you’d find on a classic library LP. So, yeah, he is on here twice, but the results justify it!