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The German website African Paper has reviewed the album

Below is a translation that I ran through an A.I. translator then refined a little.

On August 18th, the Was Ist Das? label releases a compilation of reinterpretations from Paul Giovanni’s “Wicker Man” soundtrack , cited as one of the starting points for dark, eccentric and occult-tinged folk music. The 1973 film directed by Robin Hardy stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland. A prudish police officer wants to solve a case on a remote Scottish island and gets more and more caught up in a maelstrom of seduction and pre-Christian fertility rites and is still unrivaled as a milestone in folk horror. The line-up of musicians involved, who are covered in depth on the label’s website, is more than impressive and ranges from different kinds of dark folk to surreal soundscapes to ritually colored or psychedelic ambient sounds.

The popular “Willow’s Song” – also known as the “Wicker Man Song” in cover versions – is interpreted by Meg Baird ( Espers , among others ), a version of “Sing Cuckoo (Summer is a-coming in)” by Sharron Kraus is represented, while The Owl Service performs “The Tinker of Rye” with Harriet Bradshaw and Alan Bishop aka Alvarius B sings about the “Corn Rigs”. United Bible Studies , whose line-up also includes Scotsman Gray Malkin and Kitchen Cynics contribute a more soundscape-like track with their version of “Procession / Chop.Chop”, as does the Téléplasmiste consisting of Mark O. Pilkington and Michael York , while Andrew Liles puts the drinking song “The Landlord’s Daughter” through the meat grinder. Additional contributions are from Burd Ellen, David Colohan, Burial Hex, Good Shepherd with Maydo Kay, Magpahi, Sophie Cooper and Hawthonn. The collection features artwork by Richard Wells and is available on LP, CD and download. Proceeds go to the Scottish Wildlife Trust .

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