Burial Hex – The Masks/Hobby Horse

One of the most interesting instrumental parts of the soundtrack, seemingly playing Britten’s “Corpus Christi Carol” again but this time on an acoustic guitar accompanied by some discordant sounds and jigs, a really atmospheric and striking piece of music that synchronizes perfectly to the film.

Naturally, with this being a Was Ist Das? release I wanted to find someone who could make atmospheric, discordant music….

Burial Hex is the project of Clay Ruby. I’m not an occultist myself but I’ve always found its association in music intriguing like with Coil and most definitely in Burial Hex. I’ve also always liked the fact that he’s based in Wisconsin, a place I’ve never visited but that has haunted my subconscious ever since my first encounters with the Wisconsin Death Trip book and documentary.

As well as Burial Hex, he’s played with Wooden Wand and Zola Jesus, is a member of Wormsblood, Jex Thoth, Second Family Band and he co-runs Brave Mysteries label who have put out many of my favorites like MV & EE, Phurpa, Bong, Chicaloyoh and Sylvester Anfang II

Never really know what to expect from Burial Hex’s music, it has so many different aspects, yet I knew from the themes that whatever I got back would be absolutely 100% faithful to the spirit of the Wicker Man soundtrack. What we get is on one level musically very faithful and on the other level blown way further out with huge, echoing spaces of sound. A rather sepulchral sounding version, you could say

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