Sophie Cooper – Fire Leap

The Fire Leap is widely credited to Paul Giovanni for both music and lyrics, but surely the lyrics must as least be by Anthony Shaffer and possibly inspired by something he found during his research. It’s a shame neither are around today, there’s so much more to be asked.

Sophie Cooper first emerged on the scene as a beguiling lo-fi singer-songwriter but today is renowned for her wild trombone skills ever since her first collaboration with French musician Delphine Dora on….Was Ist Das?

Since then she has played trombone with Wolf Eyes in Paris and toured the UK and Ireland. She’s gone on to have a piece commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival that went on to be Ivor Novello nominated, became co-chair of the Oram Trust and created music inspired by Dante for the John Rylands Library.

I couldn’t imagine doing a project like this without getting Sophie involved but which song? I imagined her creating fresh, exciting angles on most of the songs here. It was actually an accident that lead to her doing this song and when I heard the results, it was hard not to think perhaps it was just meant to be.

This version has been arranged for voice and trombone, and while its a faithful arrangement, the change from the high sounds of the flute to the deep, earthy sound of the trombone creates a sinister undertone behind Sophie’s sweet voice. It has the unearthly familiarity of a close friend who suddenly cuts their hair short.

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