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Post Festival Come Down Cures – part 1: Friday

Are you feeling the post-festival back to work comedown? Join the club. However, you can keep the magic and memories alive with the music. However, pretty much all our artists only release limited editions so the chances of finding their music in your local record shop are slim. So, I thought I’d put together a handy shopping guide for you. Don’t worry if you spent all your money on Heart & Soul IPA, I’ve even got some pay what you can download releases. Please remember that its shit money being an artist so please view it as pay what you can afford not pay nothing so you can spend the money on beer instead.


For just £3 you can download their album Remedial Ecstasy off their bandcamp page:

or for free you can relive their whole set for nowt on Youtube (I filmed it!):


Matching The Stone Roses for leaving fans waiting ages for a new record, you can in the meantime get their last album on download, CD & vinyl from here: