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The Manchester noise rock orchestra who started things off have a new slab of vinyl out on Golden Lab Records: http://goldenlabrecords.com/

Katie’s new album “Dioptrics” was a big seller at the merch stall but if you missed out you can still buy the handmade CDR or the download from:

If you already grabbed one at the event and are now hungry for more already then I’d suggest “After The Flood” a 20 minute piece made in response to the 2012 Hebden Bridge floods. Very apt as Todmorden came a couple of inches from flooding on the Friday of the festival. CDR long gone but only £3 for a download

Daniel has only just started to use his actual name so I’m going to have to point you to a favourite of mine recorded under his previous alias of Hering und seine sieben Sachen. Name your price


Guttersnipes are a brand new band with only this debut EP to offer to you. However, download only is name your price and the handmade CDRs are only £2!


You can download Ambrosia(@)’s newest release “Neacute Veacute” from http://www.bombshop.org/projects/ambrosia-neacute-veacute/ and also play the retro computer game created to celebrate its release

Bird People have built up a formidable and extensive discography but I’m gonna be totally corrupt and point you to their newest release which I’ve put out on cassette: http://wasistdas.co.uk/label/bird-people-constellations/


Kemper Norton’s bandcamp has this rare EP for a nice price:

and also a series of Unrequited EPs for free


Most of Chicaloyoh’s set came from her new EP “Les Sept Salons”. If you forgot to pick up a vinyl on the night it can still be bought from the label:

Got that but want to know where to go next? Her 2013 album “Folie Sacrée” made our end of year list

Tor Ist Das! was the first time these fine fellows ever played together as a trio – literally. So there is nothing of them as a trio but Liles has a very limited EP which features a track with Maniac and a remix of Cancer, Carl’s band. You can get it from: http://www.andrewliles.com/discography/fckwit-e-p/

More line-up news

The weather’s rubbish, we’ve not recovered from the bank holiday weekend and frankly we’re all feeling a bit anxious about the general election so it’s high time for a few more announcements for the Tor Ist Das! Festival to cheer everybody up.

One thing that always cheers me up is Flamingo Creatures. They are Ruth and Ronnie from German spacerock collective Datashock. Their extraordinary music takes improvised sound and imbues it with the spirit of joyful anarchy. They have released for all the finest underground labels like Cosmic Winnetou, SicSic, Feathered Coyote and Digitalis Limited, not to mention collaborated with Limpe Fuchs of revolutionary krautrock act Anima-Sound. Can’t wait to see what they do with the space at Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Ambrosia(@) blend beats, noise, field recordings and experimental sounds. They’ve shared stages with High Wolf, Maria Minerva, Female Band, Blue Daisy and many others. Expect a brutal but rapturous explosion of sound rumbling the pews.

Sam McLoughlin has a discography covering nearly ten years ranging from releases for Twisted Nerve as Samandtheplants, as N.Racker for Pre-Cert Home Entertainment and under his own name for Disposable Music and Folklore Tapes. With his propensity for inventing and building new instruments, a live set from Sam McLoughlin can be very hard to predict but his ear for melody and gift for moods always comes to the fore.

They join Andrew Liles/Maniac/Carl Stokes Trio, Ashtray Navigations, Chicaloyoh, Bird People, Lutine, Laura Cannell, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Girl Sweat, Daniel Voight and Isnaj Dui. Two full days of folk, drone, experimental music and noise in the beautiful setting of Todmorden Unitarian Church. Plus a warm up party on the Friday and after parties at the superb Golden Lion pub. Done. Tickets available. Even a small handful of early bird tickets.