Another change

So another announcement to make – Lutine unfortunately can’t make the festival but we will endeavour to get them up in the valley some other time. We had a chat among ourselves and quickly concluded that the spot had to be filled by The New Sound of Leeds – GUTTERSNIPE.

They are a duo consisting of Etai Keshiki member, Bobby, and Arcane Pariah Records owner, Gretchen, Guttersnipe describe themselves as the “New Wave of British Hysterical Mania”. They play super harsh high frequency guitar and electronics with massive amounts of energy in a similar spirit to that of Melt Banana and Fat Worm of Error.

Although Guttersnipe haven’t been formed all that long they have already gained a great live show reputation wowing Leeds noise community audiences and they were described in this month’s Wire Magazine as “crypto-punk terrorists” by Alex Neilson.

This will be ace.

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