And the final line-up announcements are

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to sit down, put your feet up and light up a nice pipe of your favourite shag because we are about to do our final festival line-up announcements.

Let us begin with Richard Dawson, the man who has been having something of a break out year with sold out shows leaving delighted audiences. If you only know him for his records then you don’t really know him yet because he has mesmerising stage presence.

Kemper Norton’s sound is produced through employment of acoustic instrumentation and vocals but don’t be fooled, Kemper is not just about the folk music. With dance rhythms he’ll transform pastoral scenes into electronic dreams.

Terrine is the solo project of Claire Gapenne from French noise band Headwar. Her output so far as Terrine has leant heavily towards wild, noisy no wave rock assaults but with some way-out distorted experimental edges. She may as well be a band of five for the sonic riots she creates.

Hellvete is the solo project of Glen Steenkiste from Belgian cosmonauts Sylvester Anfang II. He explores deep, ornate dronespaces and has released for labels like Blackest Rainbow, Sloow Tapes, Eiderdown and (K-RAA-K)³. The architecture of the Church will serve as the perfect acoustics for a set like this. Prepare yourself to see through the roof.

Finally, we are very excited to be hosting a collaboration between ecstastic Irish drone trio Woven Skull and New York composer and string scraper Core Of The Coalman. This fantastic four previously collaborated on a blazing album on Feathered Coyote Records.

They join Andrew Liles/Maniac/Carl Stokes Trio, Ashtray Navigations, Chicaloyoh, Sam McLoughlin, Bird People, Lutine, Laura Cannell, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Girl Sweat, Daniel Voight, Flamingo Creatures, Ambrosia(@)and Isnaj Dui. Two full days of folk, drone, experimental music and noise in the beautiful setting of Todmorden Unitarian Church. Plus a warm up party on the Friday with The Family Elan & The Bongoleeros at the superb Golden Lion pub, also the venue for our afterparties.