SUNDAY, 16th August -Todmorden Unitarian Church.

Well, you really can’t go wrong with the most Raising Holy Sparks album:

Already picked it up at the festival? Then get this epic double album:

For a quick fix of more Terrine noise you really can’t go wrong with this name your price EP called “Mes seins plutôt que français” which seems to translate as “My breasts are rather French” but don’t quote me on that as I can barely manage my own language never mind that of our neighbours.


Mr.Mcloughlin’s set was, as usual, very new sounding. Its closest to the work he has put out under the name N.Racker but good luck finding any of that stuff, it sold out pretty fast. You can listen to some on the website

FUCK YEAH! You know you need more. I hugely endorse “Live! The Drunk Clairvoyancy”, so much so that I put it out on tape last year but all copies of that went RIGHT FUCKING AWAY. But you can get a pay what you like download straight from the man himself:


Woven Skull have a new album out on vinyl and download from:

When it comes to Core Of The Coalman I’m very partial to this release:

As for collaborative releases, there’s just been a self-titled tape for Feathered Coyote. Its been a regular staple of my DJ sets ever since but while the tape is long sold out, the download is pay what you can:


Ruth-Maria & Ronnie have put out a lot of split releases but this pay what you can download is for a long sold out album from Cosmic Winnetou:

Laura’s set at the festival drew heavily on her imminent new album “Beneath Swooping Talons”, which you can preview and preorder from

If you missed out on the LPs on the merch table, Blackest Rainbow still have 12 copies left of this deep classic:

Richard’s not on Bandcamp, but you can get his most recent album “Nothing Important” in all good record stores.

Oh and my DJ set at after-party? It’s now on mixcloud, celebrating 10 years of

10 by Was Ist Das? on Mixcloud


The Manchester noise rock orchestra who started things off have a new slab of vinyl out on Golden Lab Records:

Katie’s new album “Dioptrics” was a big seller at the merch stall but if you missed out you can still buy the handmade CDR or the download from:

If you already grabbed one at the event and are now hungry for more already then I’d suggest “After The Flood” a 20 minute piece made in response to the 2012 Hebden Bridge floods. Very apt as Todmorden came a couple of inches from flooding on the Friday of the festival. CDR long gone but only £3 for a download

Daniel has only just started to use his actual name so I’m going to have to point you to a favourite of mine recorded under his previous alias of Hering und seine sieben Sachen. Name your price


Guttersnipes are a brand new band with only this debut EP to offer to you. However, download only is name your price and the handmade CDRs are only £2!


You can download Ambrosia(@)’s newest release “Neacute Veacute” from and also play the retro computer game created to celebrate its release

Bird People have built up a formidable and extensive discography but I’m gonna be totally corrupt and point you to their newest release which I’ve put out on cassette:


Kemper Norton’s bandcamp has this rare EP for a nice price:

and also a series of Unrequited EPs for free


Most of Chicaloyoh’s set came from her new EP “Les Sept Salons”. If you forgot to pick up a vinyl on the night it can still be bought from the label:

Got that but want to know where to go next? Her 2013 album “Folie Sacrée” made our end of year list

Tor Ist Das! was the first time these fine fellows ever played together as a trio – literally. So there is nothing of them as a trio but Liles has a very limited EP which features a track with Maniac and a remix of Cancer, Carl’s band. You can get it from:

Post Festival Come Down Cures – part 1: Friday

Are you feeling the post-festival back to work comedown? Join the club. However, you can keep the magic and memories alive with the music. However, pretty much all our artists only release limited editions so the chances of finding their music in your local record shop are slim. So, I thought I’d put together a handy shopping guide for you. Don’t worry if you spent all your money on Heart & Soul IPA, I’ve even got some pay what you can download releases. Please remember that its shit money being an artist so please view it as pay what you can afford not pay nothing so you can spend the money on beer instead.


For just £3 you can download their album Remedial Ecstasy off their bandcamp page:

or for free you can relive their whole set for nowt on Youtube (I filmed it!):


Matching The Stone Roses for leaving fans waiting ages for a new record, you can in the meantime get their last album on download, CD & vinyl from here:

It’s a festival mix!

Here we have a very special Was Ist Das? Soundsystem mix with the entire mix tracklist being based around the line-up. The entire line-up. Somehow it all slotted together.

Tor Ist Das? Festival Todmorden by Was Ist Das? on Mixcloud

Another change

So another announcement to make – Lutine unfortunately can’t make the festival but we will endeavour to get them up in the valley some other time. We had a chat among ourselves and quickly concluded that the spot had to be filled by The New Sound of Leeds – GUTTERSNIPE.

They are a duo consisting of Etai Keshiki member, Bobby, and Arcane Pariah Records owner, Gretchen, Guttersnipe describe themselves as the “New Wave of British Hysterical Mania”. They play super harsh high frequency guitar and electronics with massive amounts of energy in a similar spirit to that of Melt Banana and Fat Worm of Error.

Although Guttersnipe haven’t been formed all that long they have already gained a great live show reputation wowing Leeds noise community audiences and they were described in this month’s Wire Magazine as “crypto-punk terrorists” by Alex Neilson.

This will be ace.

A Slight Change

Unfortunately,due to a schedule clash, Ashtray Navigations have had to pull out of their Sunday night slot. It goes without saying that we are sad to lose them and Was Ist Das? will try to bring them to the valley as soon as possible.

Stepping up to the breach we have David Colohon with his Raising Holy Sparks project from Ireland. Recently described as “stirring spacerock magick” by The Quietus and who are we to argue? Judge for yourself:


Apologies to anyone who tried to access the website this morning. The billing address gremlins have been exposed to direct sinlight and have now all exploded.

Day Tickets Now On Sale

If you don’t want something for the weekend then day tickets are now onsale from the TICKETS page. We also now have a provisional running order on the LINE-UP page but PLEASE NOTE that it can be subject to change. Most of our line-up is travelling to get here so logistical problems could lead to acts playing on a different day. OK? Sorry it’s taken us so long to get the day tickets on sale. Fill your boots

And the final line-up announcements are

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to sit down, put your feet up and light up a nice pipe of your favourite shag because we are about to do our final festival line-up announcements.

Let us begin with Richard Dawson, the man who has been having something of a break out year with sold out shows leaving delighted audiences. If you only know him for his records then you don’t really know him yet because he has mesmerising stage presence.

Kemper Norton’s sound is produced through employment of acoustic instrumentation and vocals but don’t be fooled, Kemper is not just about the folk music. With dance rhythms he’ll transform pastoral scenes into electronic dreams.

Terrine is the solo project of Claire Gapenne from French noise band Headwar. Her output so far as Terrine has leant heavily towards wild, noisy no wave rock assaults but with some way-out distorted experimental edges. She may as well be a band of five for the sonic riots she creates.

Hellvete is the solo project of Glen Steenkiste from Belgian cosmonauts Sylvester Anfang II. He explores deep, ornate dronespaces and has released for labels like Blackest Rainbow, Sloow Tapes, Eiderdown and (K-RAA-K)³. The architecture of the Church will serve as the perfect acoustics for a set like this. Prepare yourself to see through the roof.

Finally, we are very excited to be hosting a collaboration between ecstastic Irish drone trio Woven Skull and New York composer and string scraper Core Of The Coalman. This fantastic four previously collaborated on a blazing album on Feathered Coyote Records.

They join Andrew Liles/Maniac/Carl Stokes Trio, Ashtray Navigations, Chicaloyoh, Sam McLoughlin, Bird People, Lutine, Laura Cannell, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Girl Sweat, Daniel Voight, Flamingo Creatures, Ambrosia(@)and Isnaj Dui. Two full days of folk, drone, experimental music and noise in the beautiful setting of Todmorden Unitarian Church. Plus a warm up party on the Friday with The Family Elan & The Bongoleeros at the superb Golden Lion pub, also the venue for our afterparties.

New line up announcements! Party Friday!


The rumours are true, we’ve added an additional event to the original 2 day festival.

We figured that with folks coming from all over to Todmorden for the weekend it meant that we just had to organise a little get together the night before, a “Welcome to Todmorden” party. We couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off the show than 2 of the UK’s best live acts going – The Family Elan and The Bongoleeros.

The Family Elan active since 2007, is the musical project of the Greek bouzouki and Turkish baglama-saz player Chris Hladowski. The scope of the Family Elan’s output is broad, ranging from self penned reflective meditations which rotate on a devotional harmonic axis, to irreverent interpretations of Bollywood hits, to Turkic folk forms filtered through a psychedelic rock axis.

On the same night we’re going to open the portal between Todmorden and Burselm and summon The Bongoleeros, Stoke on Trent’s greatest experimental, rockabilly, weirdo marching band. We’re giving them full range of the venue and license to get fully involved with audience. This band is not for the faint hearted.

This party all takes place at The Golden Lion which is situated right next The Unitarian and run by Todmorden’s first lady – Gig Goldenlion! You will know our hostess if you came to last year’s festival and entered the dungeon at Three Wise Monkeys.

Here’s the Facebook page –

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