New stuff! Free stuff! Cheap shipping!

It’s all been happening lately. Where to begin? New freebie for you all to download. It’s Willie from Woven Skull’s solo project, here giving it a wrong take on techno:

If you prefer cassette, there’s still a small number left (2 at the time of typing). Speaking of cassettes, we’re now taking preorders for our next two tapes. First up is the return of Bird People but this time for a full-band jam of beautiful, blissed out psychedelic rock.

Or you can buy a download if you prefer that sort of thing. Our second tape is the Was Ist Das? debut of United Bible Studies. David Colohan of the band being no stranger to Was Ist Das? with three previous albums for us. Here they go exploring roman graveyards and thinking of MR James but makes me think of Alan Garner.

One source of frustration since moving to the US has been the ridiculously high cost of international shipping here. So these tapes are being made in Yorkshire and half my allocation are going to our friends Obverse Books to distribute on our behalf so now wherever you are on this big, beautiful world of ours, you can buy these two tapes and not worry that the shipping is going to cost more than the tapes!!

Check out the new video from Cubs

Have a look at this video for “Little Cave/Howling On The Hill” by Cubs. Its from the album “Darkr Earlyr” on Ireland’s very fine Rusted Rail label (which is how it caught my eye). The album features members of A Lilac Decline, Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon, United Bible Studies, The Driftwood Manor and Loner Deluxe. It was recorded in unnamed parts of Ireland and Sweden as well as Berlin and my old hometown of Huddersfield!