We got us another radio show

We have a radio show again
Ennio Morricone – Lonesome Billy
Monica Beale – Interface
Cardiacs – Ditzy Scene
Dead Otter – Eye Elevator
Laibach – The Sound of Music
J Dilla – Dillatronic 5
Andrew Bernstein – Deus Ex Machina
Lime Eyelid – I Saw Waves
Father Murphy – A Purpose
Suzuki Junzo – Behold A Pale Horse
Zu93 – Confirm The Mirror Emperor
UT – Sharp’s Loose
HHY & The Macumbas – Danbala Propaganda
Dead Rider Trio feat. Mr.Paul Williams – Glistening Sap On Trees
bvdub – You and Me, Forever Reaching
Kerri Chandler & Naim Johnson – Music Saved My Life
Jarboe & Father Murphy – Truth or Consequences

New Miminokoto album out now

“Morning Dew, Earth Droplets” is the new album by Suzuki Junzo‘s Miminokoto project. Featuring 2011 studio recordings, it’s out on his own label Plunks Plan. You can enjoy a couple of the tracks right here:

Miminokoto/Morning Dew, Earth Droplets by tapes201

You can pick up the album direct from the artist here