August Radio Show Now Live

This month is another special themed radio show. Reflecting on the sheer size of my digital music library, I decided to shuffle it and use that shuffle as the playlist for this show but mix it all together myself. No exceptions, no skipping anything and including it all until I hit the two hour mark.

0:01:25 – Keith Seatman – The Gnome Zone

0:03:21 – Fairport Convention – No Man’s Land

0:05:16 – The Blue Nile – Heatwave

0:11:28 – Alabaster DePlume – I Will Not Be Safe

0:13:34 – Peninsula Fernandes – Do 16 Ao 18 (Flui Bem)

0:17:58 – Grouper – Come Softly (For Daniel D)

0:22:20 – Boo Sutcliffe – A Letter To My Younger Self

0:25:42 – White Hills – You Dream You See

0:30:56 – Sun CIty Girls – Harmful Little Armful (for Will Shatter)

0:31:35 – Air – Cemetery Party

0:34:06 – Richard Youngs – Radio Bus Station

0:35:30 – Manuel Gottsching – Queen A Pwn

0:40:26 – Grateful Dead – Feel Like A Stranger – 4/19/1986

0:49:15 – The Mars Volta – Cassandra Gemini: Tarantism

0:56:51 – Folkal Point – Lovely Joan

0:59:12 – Buck Gooter – Things

1:00:37 – Throbbing Gristle – D.O.A. (live at Goldsmiths 5-18-1978)

1:07:35 – David Bowie – London Bye, Ta-Ta (John Peel 13.5.68)

1:10:03 – Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations, BMC 988: XIV Variation 13 a 2 Clav.

1:12:10 – RIchard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith – Everydayness

1:16:44 – Sumac Dub – Blundub

1:20:03 – Dom Cooper – Inlet

1:23:13 – Aleister Crowley – Thee Hymns For Man: At Sea

1:24:41 – Vanishing Twin – Language Is A City (Let Me Out)

1:29:05 – Sunburned Hand of the Man – The Obvious Moment

1:30:16 – Kaspar Hauser – Pencil Doings

1:33:37 – Cave In – Night Crawler

1:36:44 – Sunburned Hand of the Man – Pour Another One FOr Hamstring Jones

1:43:33 – Allegra Krieger – Telephone

1:46:39 – Michael Tanner – A Sussex Nocturne: Southease

Its the April Was Ist Das? radio show

Here is the April 7th Was Ist Das? radio show as broadcasted on CAMP

I had so much music to cram in I barely spoke so here’s the tracklist, time stamped (thanks Gareth!)

0:00:35 – DRNTTCKS – Almanvirus – from ‘Nein + Nein’

0:07:55 – Duncan Marquiss – Tracks – from ‘Wires Turned Sideways In Time’

0:16:02 – Christina Carter – Music – from ‘Texas Modern Exorcism’

0:22:57 – Darkher – Where The Devil Waits – from ‘The Buried Storm’

0;26:05 – Arthur King – UMN (Nosferatu) – single

0:32:29 – Soft-Bodied Humans vs Swordman Kitala – Core-Braver – from ‘Kaiju Kitala’ EP

0:36:22 – The Seaman and The Tattered Sail – Wild is the Wind – from ‘Standing on the Precipice of Tears’

0:42:18 – Vanessa Wagner – Etude no 16 – from ‘Study of the Invisible’

0:46:38 – The Vex Collective – Dirge – from s/t album

0:51:39 – Halfsilks – Shadows of Ophelia – from ‘Cupid Operations’

0:55:42 -Remo Seeland with Laya Ensemble – Baldachin – from ‘Hallow Ground presents Epiphanies’

0:59:52 – Violet Cold – Mokita – single

1:06:35 – Daniel Gonora and Gonora Sounds – Wapinda Mazviri – from ‘Hard Times Never Kill’

1:11:02 – Ilhan Ersahin, Dave Harrington & Kenny Wollesen – Invite Your Eye – from the album of the same name

1:15:47 – Sunburned Hand of the Man – Framework – from the album ‘Headless’

1:20:06 – Nanna Barslev – Askr – Lysbaerer

1:25:40 – Tyler Mitchell feat. Marshall Allen – Marshalls the Deputy – from ‘Dancing Shadows’

1:28:38 – Bunuel – Crack Shot – from ‘Killers Like Us’

1:32:08 – Nik Colk Void – FlatTime – from ‘Bucked Up Space’

1:40:00 – Dom Cooper – Γʹ – from “Antiphons’

1:44:22 – God is God – Metamorphoses Pt.1 – from ‘Metamorphoses’

1:49:36 – Carambolage – Johnny – from the s/t debut album

1:53:33 – The Black Albumen – Heptadecagon – single

1:56:58 – Magpahi – Transposed to Stone – from the Folklore Tapes compilation ‘Swifter than the Moon’s Sphere;

Brand new Tom Carter fundraiser offers 99 tracks for €7.50

tom carter
Yep, it’s a Bandcamp thang, but it is a real who’s who of alternative music with Vibracathedral Orchestra, Richard Youngs, Chris Corsano with Paul Flaherty, MV & EE with the Golden Road, Silvester Anfang II, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Heather Leigh, Bardo Pond, Tom Greenwood (of Jackie-O Motherfucker), Gate, Bird People, Tom Carter himself and, literally, loads more.

Let’s face it, most of todays finest musicians probably don’t even make as much as the UK’s national minimum wage and to suddenly be unable to play live, to have to pay for a new transatlantic flight home and all the healthcare costs must be a real nightmare

6th Birthday: The Roots of Was Ist Das?

Well, judging by the greetings on facebook, it is now August 19th in Japan, so that means the 6th birthday of Was Ist Das? has begun. It’s also the second anniversary of when Was Ist Das? 2.0 was born, as that’s when the domain name registration was freed and I could start again with a brand new website with a new host & registrar.

To celebrate, here’s a DJ mix exploring the music that inspired & informed my musical tastes. Included are many old favourites and songs used as nuggets in the podcast/video review intro theme:

Jack Rose tribute album NOW ready

Three Lobed Recordings have put out a six and a half hour long download-only tribute album to Jack Rose.

It costs $15 and all the proceeds go to Jack’s estate. “Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose,” will be up soon exclusively from the download portion of the Thrill Jockey site, FINA

You can download the 41-track recording from the following link :

The album features exclusive material from:

Alvarius B.
Elisa Ambrogio
Bardo Pond
Nathan Bowles
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Hans Chew
Coach Fingers
Byron Coley with Son of Earth
Luther Dickinson
Chris Forsyth
Danny Paul Grody
Steve Gunn
Heather Leigh
Hush Arbors
C Joynes
Joseph Mattson (reading from “Empty The Sun”)
Jenks Miller
Bill Nace
No Neck Blues Band
Cian Nugent
Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff
Six Organs of Admittance
Spectre Folk
D. Charles Speer
Spiral Joy Band
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
lloyd Thayer
Rick Tomlinson
James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher
Cath & Phil Tyler
Scott Verrastro / Nathan Bowles
Zaika with Loren Connors
Zaika with Paul Flaherty