Nurse With Wound for 99p – in stores only!

In your record shop there’s a new Nurse With Wound CD for 99p but it’s strictly NO mail order. Here’s the explanation below:

With a nod and a huge gesture of respect towards the pioneering efforts of Virgin Records in the 1970s with the release of “The Faust Tapes” LP for 50p, here is a Nurse With Wound full length CD in a decent jewel case, with proper artwork that sells for 99p. This will only be available in high street shops, there will be NO mail order, either from Dirter, Andrew Liles or anyone of the usual mail-order outlets. That’s the idea – you have to go into a record shop to buy it. In today’s world of downloads, free CDs with the Daily Mail, and high street record retail dying on its arse, this is our way of doing our bit to get people to go into their local store. This is a a release to celebrate 30 + years of NURSE WITH WOUND whilst simultaneously being a homage to browsing, searching, chance finds, spending our last penny, random buys, BIG mistakes, best finds ever and to commemorate and thank all the wonderful wonderlands around the world that were and still are (in some cases) RECORD SHOPS…coming to all GOOD record stores… and hopefully a few bad ones as well.

Info about the music contained in this disc as written by Andrew Liles is below, he says it’s the greatest album ever made and he should know…

Paranoia in Hi-Fi collects 30 years of Nurse With Wound recordings in one easy to swallow CD. This CD confirms what all Nurse With Wound followers have known for many years, and will open the ears for new listeners to the fact that Nurse With Wound have always been an outstandingly innovative and ceaselessly creative force. Never staying still NWW are unpredictable, disconcerting, humorous and always original. With a flagrant disregard and disinterest in musical styles, cliques or fashions the uniquely independent and autonomous NWW have made over 50 albums with no regard and no interest in their critical or commercial reception. Mixing the sublime with the ridiculous Steven Stapleton and NWW uncompromisingly carve their own distinct style that has a musical language and visual landscape entirely of its own. Drawing inspiration from far flung corners including DaDa, Perez Prado, Surrealism, Krautrock and whole cascade of other ideas NWW have created a diverse back catalogue of material from ambient classics (Soliloquy for Lilith) to the disturbed (Homotopy to Marie) and many other easy listening nightmares. NWW is an idyllic and fascinating tropical island way out there on a limb, the visitors who make it to their shores seldom ever want to leave. Paranoia in Hi-Fi covers almost all of NWW’s wild and eclectic sinister whimsy and shows that in Steven Stapleton’s world everything is possible…possible,