Natural Snow Buildings box set bargain


DoD_Announcement-300x300Word in that Badabing are continuing their public service reissues of obscure, sold-out Natural Snow Buildings releases by tackling the Daughters of Darkness box set.

Originally a 5 cassette set in a limited edition of 150, they are actually bringing this epic work to vinyl and CD in box set format.

The CD also includes bonus tracks taken from the companion release “Daughters of Darkness V”.


There are 300 vinyl box sets (8 LP) and 500 CD ones (6 CDs). They boxes are hand painted and the CD version is being put out for the cost of two CD albums, which is shockingly cheap.

Free Twinsistermoon and Isengrind download

As part of their debut UK tour [of which we proudly promoted one date], Natural Snow Buildings put out a cassette on Tor Press with each of their solo projects taking a whole side of the tape. However, with only 60 copies made, it didn’t even last the whole tour!

Luckily for those who didn’t get one, Tor Press have made the whole thing free to download!

Menagerie#3 Out Today

Menagerie, the magazine that blends music and visual art, releases it’s third issue today. This edition comes with a vinyl LP featuring a track on each side from Twinsistermoon, Isengrind [aka both solo halves of Natural Snow Buildings], Ben Nash [who mostly records as part of Chora these days] and C Joynes et Son Ensemble.

Side A of the record was used by the illustrators to inspire their artwork, while side B of the record is the musicians making music inspired by the illustrators artwork. Menagerie is published by Tor Press as a limited edition of 500 copies.

Here’s some of the music involved: