Lumberton Trading Company launch vinyl subscription series

Lumberton Trading Company have been releasing more details about their new vinyl subscription series. The series begins with Glass Out “Never Force A Left Handed Child To Use Their Right Hand” which includes Jhonn Balance reading the Coil manifesto on the songs. The first 50 copies bought direct from the label include additional inserts and a CDR.

Next in the series will be Cindytalk with Philippe Petit, with future releases to come from Human Greed, Main, Brian Conniffe and Jean-herve Peron with Zsolt Sores/Theme.


“Sui” is a new album recorded by the Coincidenza project. These is a meeting of improvising musicians who haven’t before met or played together meet in various combinations to record or give concerts. The aim of the project is find, through improvisational causality, the essence of music. “Sui” is neither an album from a band nor a compilation. In this record are playing 11 Musicians from 5 lands:

Agathe Gizard (F) – violin, voice
Chad Popple (USA) – drum
Frank Szardenings (D) – guitar, bass, sax
Gastone Lagaffe (CH) – tenor sax, guitar
Hans Hartmann (CH)– doublebass, chapmanstick
Jeff Gburek (USA) – guitar, mixer, laptop
Jean Hervé Peron (F) – voice, guitar, bass, trumpet, psalter, bohrhammer,chain, horn
Mat Pogo (I) – voice, mixer radio station set.
Peter Schlewinski (D) – drum
JD Zazie (I) – cds, turntable, mixer
der Himmel (I) – bass, voice, drum, horn, bohrhammer, chain

It was recorded on 24th & 25th February 2007 in Berlin.The 500 copies of the CD are a hand-numbered limited edition, available from