August Radio Show Now Live

This month is another special themed radio show. Reflecting on the sheer size of my digital music library, I decided to shuffle it and use that shuffle as the playlist for this show but mix it all together myself. No exceptions, no skipping anything and including it all until I hit the two hour mark.

0:01:25 – Keith Seatman – The Gnome Zone

0:03:21 – Fairport Convention – No Man’s Land

0:05:16 – The Blue Nile – Heatwave

0:11:28 – Alabaster DePlume – I Will Not Be Safe

0:13:34 – Peninsula Fernandes – Do 16 Ao 18 (Flui Bem)

0:17:58 – Grouper – Come Softly (For Daniel D)

0:22:20 – Boo Sutcliffe – A Letter To My Younger Self

0:25:42 – White Hills – You Dream You See

0:30:56 – Sun CIty Girls – Harmful Little Armful (for Will Shatter)

0:31:35 – Air – Cemetery Party

0:34:06 – Richard Youngs – Radio Bus Station

0:35:30 – Manuel Gottsching – Queen A Pwn

0:40:26 – Grateful Dead – Feel Like A Stranger – 4/19/1986

0:49:15 – The Mars Volta – Cassandra Gemini: Tarantism

0:56:51 – Folkal Point – Lovely Joan

0:59:12 – Buck Gooter – Things

1:00:37 – Throbbing Gristle – D.O.A. (live at Goldsmiths 5-18-1978)

1:07:35 – David Bowie – London Bye, Ta-Ta (John Peel 13.5.68)

1:10:03 – Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variations, BMC 988: XIV Variation 13 a 2 Clav.

1:12:10 – RIchard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith – Everydayness

1:16:44 – Sumac Dub – Blundub

1:20:03 – Dom Cooper – Inlet

1:23:13 – Aleister Crowley – Thee Hymns For Man: At Sea

1:24:41 – Vanishing Twin – Language Is A City (Let Me Out)

1:29:05 – Sunburned Hand of the Man – The Obvious Moment

1:30:16 – Kaspar Hauser – Pencil Doings

1:33:37 – Cave In – Night Crawler

1:36:44 – Sunburned Hand of the Man – Pour Another One FOr Hamstring Jones

1:43:33 – Allegra Krieger – Telephone

1:46:39 – Michael Tanner – A Sussex Nocturne: Southease

It’s the November radio show!

So much good music has hit me the last month that I ended up going over my time slot a little but I just couldn’t bear to skip any of these gems. We’ve got folk, techno, classic rock, drone, psychedelia and then many points in between.

As per the bright idea of G-Babz, the playlist has approximate start times next to them. Enjoy!

0:54 – Paul Schütze – In The Absence of Angels [from “The Second Law”]

6:45 – Violet Cold – Sahasrara Destruction [single]

9:33 – Light Conductor – Splitting Light [radio edit from “Sequence Two”]

14:54 – Patrick Shiroishi – The Long Bright Dark [from “Hidemi”]

17:34 – The Universal Veil – The Camel [from “Helios/Hind”]

21:57 – Good Shepherd – Nightjar Song [from “Let’s See What The East Wind Brings”]

26:00 – Amon Tobin – How Do You Live [from the album of the same name]

31:14 – HTRK – Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones [from the album “Rhinestones”]

33:14 – Ibukun Sunda – No Turning Back [from the EP “The Last Wave”]

35:06 – Goodparley and Poppy Jennings – The Art of Walking [from the EP “Enjoying Nature”]

39:17 – Carlton Melton – Lions Roar [from Golden Lion Sounds split 7” with Dead Sea Apes]

45:46 – Ulver – ECM Panorama [from the album “Scary Muzak”]

50:19 – Grouper – The Way Her Hair Falls [from the album “Shade”]

52:52 – MVW – Survey Says (feat. Shanique Marie & Lex Luger) [from the album “CLASSIC$”]

54:58 – Jake Blanchard – Trouble in the Clough [from the album “Bryophytes”]

58:54 – Iron Maiden – Prodigal Son [from the album “Killers”]

1:04:39 – Hawthonn – Drowned Light [from the album “Earth Mirror”]

1:13:57 – Incentive – Nostalgia Dwelling [from the self-titled album]

1:21:10 – Sophie Cooper – Goodbye Gemini [from the album of the same name]

1:26:04 – Golden Donna – Pushing [from the EP “The Damage Has Been Done”

1:31:54 – Ross Goldstein – 11 Largo [from the album “Chutes & Ladders”]

1:35:53 – Everling – Ad Hoc Part 5 (Purified) [from the album “Ad Hoc”]

1:44:10 – :Lauren Sarah Heyes – A [from the album “Mini Savior Opt.”]

1:49:43 – Dead Sea Apes – Night of the World [from the Golden Lion Sounds split 7” with Carlton Melton]

1:55:48 – Richard Youngs – Tokyo Photograph [from the album “CXXI”]

2:01:05 – Burd Ellen – The High Priestess and The Hierophant [single]

2:05:52 – Josh Doss – No Conditions [from the album “Distant Memories”]

2:08:30 – Stealing Sheep & The Radiophonic Workshop – End Credits [from the album “La Planète Sauvage”

October Radio Show now streaming

Live from the Golden Lion, Todmorden a mix of new stuff with some old classics.

Thanks to Gareth Babb for the great suggestion of adding play times to the tracklisting. So now each song has the approximate time it appears in the show listed in front of it.

0:00 – The Bug – Vexed (feat. Moor Mother) – from the album “Fire”

4:00 – G.E.K. – Teevee – from the album “Faculty Perception”

12:49 – Lal & Mike Waterson – The Scarecrow (demo) – from the deluxe edition of “Bright Phoebus”

16:15 – Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back & Forth – from the album “Rounds”

21:06 – Endless Caverns – Return To The Solar Garden – from the album
“Color Breathing”

26:26 – Grouper – Unclean Mind – from the album “Shade”

30:08 – Sun City Girls – Come Maddalena – from the album “Funeral Mariachi”

32:57 – Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Fanfare For The Working Man – from the album “People & Industry”

33:57 – Richard Youngs & Raul Refree – Life Is An Avalanche – from the album “All Hands Around The Moment”

41:44 – Songs of Green Pheasant – Nightfall – from the self-titled debut album

45:48 – Steve Hauschildt – A Reflecting Pool – from the album “Where All Is Fled”

48:17 – Xochimochi – Nah Chan – from the album “Temple of the New Sun”

55:27 – Steeleye Span – Dirty Blackleg Miner – from the album “Hark The Village Wait”

57:28 – Gaspar Claus – 2359 – from the album “Tancade”

1:00:05 – Johann Johannsson – The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope of the World – from the soundtrack album “The Miner’s Hymns”

1:05:58 – Fairport Convention – Matty Groves – from the album “Liege & Lief”

1:14:00 – Nina Simone – Sinnerman – from the album “Pastel Blues”

1:23:44 – The Eight Minutes – Take My love Don’t Set Me Free – from the compilation “The Best of Perceptio & Today Records”

1:29:21 – Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper – from the album “Agents of Fortune”

1:34:11 – Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – from the album of the same name

1:39:39 – Vangelis – The Dragon – from the album of the same name

Safe As Milk Festival

The people behind Newcaste’s well-loved Tusk Festival are branching out with a full-on holiday camp festival called “Safe As Milk” at Prestatyn Pontins 21-23rd April 2017 in North Wales and it has one hell of a line-up:

Shirley Collins, The Residents, Nurse With Wound, Omar Souleyman, This Is Not This Heat, Ulver, OOIOO, Grouper, Acrtress, Michael Rother, Gaika, Anna Meredith, Chrome, Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force, Hieroglyphic Being, Dopplereffekt, Islam Chipsy & Eek, Princess Nokia, Brainbombs, Ata Kak, Circle, Carla Dal Forno, Moot Mother & Horse Lords.

More are to be confirmed and all the holiday camp facilities will be available. More info at

Grouper to perform new collaboration in Leeds

Grouper new pic “Hypnosis Display” is a new commission from Portland based artist and musician Grouper (Liz Harris), with filmmaker Paul Clipson. For this new commission, she joins forces with 16mm filmmaker Paul Clipson to create a meditation on contemporary America in sound and image, as part of a series of American mythmaking in music, commissioned by Opera North Projects. Shifting her gaze outwards from a typically intensely personal approach to making music, this new 1hr 15 minute piece looks at the landscapes of American mythmaking including The West Coast, the worker, the city and the street.

It takes place at Leeds Howard Assembly Rooms on Thursday 5th June. Tickets are available here.

Benefit for the Recovery in Japan

Just in case you weren’t aware, Antiopic have put together a 64-track compilation album for download with 100% of the proceeds going to Japan.

The album includes contributions from Grouper, Stephan Mathieu, Akron/Family, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ben Frost, Grouper, James Blackshaw with Hush Arbors, Tom Carter, Rhys Chatham, both halves of Barn Owl (Evan Caminiti and Elm aka Jon Porras) and a whole lot more.

the album can be purchased (and every song can be previewed) here

Room 40 celebrate anniversary with big free comp

Australian label Room40 have decided to celebrate in style by giving away a 40-track compilation for free download.

Featuring the likes of Janek Schaefer, Scanner, Grouper, Ben Frost & Xiu Xiu, it’s really a bit essential.

You can download it off this link: