New Conrad Schnitzler album out

Sunship have just released one of Conrad Schnitzler’s last works on a limited edition vinyl release of 500.

The label wanted some pieces in the style of “Silvester Anfang” (the song Schnitzler donated to Mayhem to use as the opening track of their debut album “Deathcrush”, see here). However, Conrad could not find these in his archives so he kindly proposed to write new music in the same style. These 4 pieces are totally unreleased and not available as CDr for ordering on the fancymoon site. Here is a link to download for free a song of the album: download link

Conrad Schnitzler R.I.P.

Electronic pioneer Conrad Schnitzler has passed away from stomach cancer on August 4th.

Scnitzler was an early member of Tangerine Dream. He playedg on the band’s avant rock debut album “Electronic Meditation”, released through Ohr in 1970. However, he is perhaps best known for his work in Kluster. When Roedelius & Moebius departed to work under the name Cluster, Scnitzler concentrated instead on his Eruption project before going solo.

All three of these acts came out of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in Berlin, which Scnitzler co-founder with Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Scnitzler and Roedelius reunited in 2000 to record the album “Acon 2000/1” for Japanese label Captain Trip. Schnitzler revived the Kluster name in 2007 and released both new music and archive material via such labels as Important and Qbico.

A random fact about Schnitzler is that he contributed the introductory track to “Deathcrush”, the debut release from Norweigan black metal legends Mayhem.

Soul Jazz Records To Relase Krautrock

Soul Jazz, the record label that first made their name through compiling the best rare tracks from the the genres of funk and jazz, are branching out into the world of krautrock after recent success with their New York Noise and dubstep releases.

The line-up for their debut Krautrock compilation, entitled “Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock & Electronic Music 1972-1983” is:

1. Can – Aspectacle (5.39)
2. Between – Devotion (3.46)
3. Harmonia – Dino (3.29)
4. Gila – This Morning (5.45)
5. Kollectiv – Rambo Zambo (11.39)
6. Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes (8.30)
7. E.M.A.K. – Filmmuzik (3.15)
8. Popol Vuh – Morgengruss (2.57)
9. Conrad Schnitzler – Auf Dem Schwarzen Canal (3.12)
10. La Dusseldorf – Rheinita (7.37)
11. Harmonia – Veterano (3.55)
12. Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (7.26)
13. Neu – Hallo Gallo (10.03)

1. Cluster – Heisse Lippen (2.21)
2. Ibliss – High Life (13.01)
3. Dieter Moebius – Hasenheide (2.36)
4. Amon Duul II – Fly United (3.29)
5. Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1 (6.13)
6. Ash Ra Tempel – Daydream (5.22)
7. Tangerine Dream – No Man’s Land (9.05)
8. Amon Duul II – Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse (5.43)
9. Roedelius – Geradewohl (3.31)
10. Can – I Want More (3.30)
11. Deuter – Soham (4.55)


Qbico records are going out with a big vinyl bang by releasing a large 6 lp box set of unreleased Kluster material. The label describe it as:

“Kluster and friends – 1969-1973 (QBICO 94) 6LP (black vinyls/black
labels/black inner sleeves) box, spray painted (stencil/lettering by
Troglosound) in gold or silver or bronze (3 versions) and with clear
plastic insert (rare photos).”
It’s a very limited edition too apparently.