Was Ist Das? Radio Show for May is here!

Nearly two hours of no talking, non-stop best new music releases and reissues!

Here we have the whole tracklist with timestamps (thank you G-Babbz). What a show! Always a pleasure to be able to play some Coil and Les Rallizes Denudes but what amazing new stuff to pair it with!

0:00:30 – Frankie “Close” from the album “Styx”
0:08:00 – Alabaster DePlume “Don’t Forget Your Precious” from the album “Gold”
0:22:58 – Asher Gamedze & Alan Bishop “Wild Cat Strike” from the album “Out Side Work”
0:28:16 – Lustmord “Er Ev Os (MONO)” from the album “The Others”
0:37:03 – David Colohan “Turnpike Lights” from the album “Night, North Paterson”
0:40:10 – The Order of the 12 “Against The Tide” from the album “Lore of the Land”
0:44:44 – Dogs Versus Shadows “Along The Electric Leys” from the album “The Lull of the Ley”
0:46:04 – Joyful Talk “Take It To The Grave” from the album “Familiar Science”
0:52:52 – Xpedient “E0006” from the album “787B”
0:57:22 – Dȁlek “Decimation (Dis Nation)” from the album “Precipice”
1:00:52 – Dikeman/Gonzalez/Hȧker Flaten “Midnight Photosynthesis” from the album “Texas Butt Biters”
1:09:33 – Reichmann – Weltweit (Bureau B edit)
1:14:13 – Water Damage “Reel 5B” from the album “Repeater”
1:21:18 – Zombie Zombie “12 Consortium” from the album “Vae Vobis”
1:23:56 – Cheb Terro vs DJ Die Soon “We Destroy The Family” from the s/t album
1:27:13 – Les Rallizes Dénudés “White Awakening” from the album “The Oz Tapes”
1:30:54 – Dunza “Disowned” from the album “Star Client”
1:38:12 – Coil “Batwings” from the album “Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 2”
1:55:25 – Murdock & Pat Fulgoni “Come Together” single

The August Radio Show Is on Mixcloud

The last month has seen me quite staggered by just how much amazing music has been sent my way and it was hard to boil it all down into a two hour show but I am so delighted with the results!

Here’s the full track list:

Wreaths – The Ease With Which It’s Shadow Falls – Golden Threads From Riven Rot

Macromassa – El Consecuente Aspecto de Geometria – Kiosque of Arrows 2 [compiled by Tolouse Low Trax]

Phew – Days Nights – New Decade

Crazy Doberman – Five Ghosts Share a Chair on an Autumn Day in Siberia – everyone is rolling down a hill

Daniel Vujanic – Feeding The Shadow Tree – Paramnesia

Cubs – Tape Owl – Rivers of Amber/Frozen Waterfall

Eric Arn – Palais Mesmer – Higher Order

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (feat. Moses Sumney) – Soon It Will Be Fire – This Is A Mindfullness Drill

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Built By Robots – People & Industry

Gnod – Paint It Blacker – Golden Lion Sound#4

Black Dice – White Sugar – Mod Prog Sic

Klotang – Hyperthruster – A Mirror Falls

Solyst – Flex – Spring

Coil – Love’s Secret Domain – Love’s Secret Domain

Love-Songs & U. Schuette – Dumpfes haemmerndes Droehnen – Spannende Musik

Mind Maintenance – The Ladder – s/t

Mako Sica – Unraveling – Garland of Heads

Richard Youngs – Solo Guitar 5 – Solo Guitar

Wolves In The Throne Room – Spirit of Lightning – Primordial Arcana

Menk – Тень – II  [*Chien]

Faust – Vorsatz –  Faust 1971-1974

Old Million Eye – Way To Fall – Future Wonder

Marissa Anderson & William Tyler – At The Edge Of the World – Lost Futures


Kraak Habit

I’ve uploaded some of my DJ set from last Saturday in Manchester to Mixcloud. You can listen to it on this player here:

Lumberton Trading Company launch vinyl subscription series

Lumberton Trading Company have been releasing more details about their new vinyl subscription series. The series begins with Glass Out “Never Force A Left Handed Child To Use Their Right Hand” which includes Jhonn Balance reading the Coil manifesto on the songs. The first 50 copies bought direct from the label include additional inserts and a CDR.

Next in the series will be Cindytalk with Philippe Petit, with future releases to come from Human Greed, Main, Brian Conniffe and Jean-herve Peron with Zsolt Sores/Theme.

R.I.P. Peter Christopherson

The sad news has reached us this morning that Peter Christopherson has passed away in his sleep at the age of 55.

Peter, better known as Sleazy, was a musician (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil & Threshold House Boys Choir), a designer (for legendary album designers Hipgnosis, of whom he was made a partner) and video director (for everyone from Paul McCartney to Sepultura, Van Halen to Rage Against The Machine).

Our thoughts go out to all who knew him.

Below is the video for Coil’s Tainted Love which he directed and is on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

coil – tainted love from biobox on Vimeo.

Pre-orders now open for Coil DVD boxset

If you have a spare £200, then you might be interested in “Colour Sound Oblivion” the new Coil DVD box set.

As you can imagine, it has a fair few items inside:

1. an individually numbered disc (similar to those worn by dancers in go-go bars). Numbers in the Patron’s Edition (ie from #1 – 200) are in RED (as shown), numbers in the Official Pre-Order Edition are in BLUE
(#201 – #however many are ordered in the next four weeks).

[The Post Release Regular edition when it comes out will be un-numbered.]

2. Four hand-made cloth bags in the same (or similar) fabric Coil’s costumes were made from, each containing the dvds of concerts where those costumes were worn… fluffy, glowing, reflective (mirrored) and

The boxes and bags have proved rather more daunting to make than originally anticipated so its likely the regular edition, will include a single, smaller “sampler cloth” lining a smaller box.

3. The dvd collection itself, features 14 show dvds (of which the first two, being shorter and without extras, are very rare half-silvered dvds) plus a two dvd “COIL RECONSTRUCTION KIT” containing more than 4 hours of projection animations and processed footage PLUS the accompanying backing-tracks to all the songs in question, Karaoke-style (though without super-imposed lyrics). These are here released under a Creative Commons License, by which you are free to sample, re-loop and otherwise, “molest” or “interfere” with Coil’s music and animations to your hearts content (as long as its not for commercial gain).

In most cases the dvds of the shows are “dual angle” so you can switch from the live feed, to the projections as they were on the day, and back, using the angle button on your dvd remote, while the audio
continues. Whenever we have extra footage, be it from backstage, from interviews done around the time of the show or whatever, we have included it on the disc after the show.

NOTE: As you will see, for all but a few of the shows, these films were NOT shot professionally, but by amateur camera-persons who just love Coil and did not want to lose or forget their experience. At the time
I’m sure they did not think what they were shooting would be seen by anyone but their close friends. It’s thanks to them this extra-ordinary record exists. They just didn’t realise they had so many close friends!

In some cases they were the only person shooting, but if the video and audio is mostly okay, and the show was good and different enough we have included it, regardless.

Where we are lucky enough to have two or more angles of the same show, I have done my best to edit them together to make a more watchable record, but please remember this is Coil you are watching, filmed by all kinds of odd, brilliant people who love Coil enough to have gotten it together back then! – If they are a bit wobbly from time to time, believe me – We were too!

A few of the shows were edited professionally by the crews that shot them, and to all those, we send our thanks and love.

In all but the first disc, which is not really a concert as such but WAS the first Coil Live appearance so deserves to be included, featuring Jhonn Balance and John Gosling at the Air Gallery, London in 1983, all
the remaining discs have chapter markers at the start of each song, so you can quickly step through if you want. Other than that there are NO FANCY MENUS, easter eggs or anything else.

4. In addition the box contains a Collection of more than 100 postcards, 6″ × 4″ to fit the Patron’s Edition frame, in a velour bag. These pictures (almost all unseen till now) taken by Coil or our friends, are
a very personal record of life on the road with Coil… Fortunately there is not a guitar to be seen, though there may be one picture of a tour bus!

5. Lastly Colour Sound Oblivion also contains a couple of small printed pamphlets or booklets – One containing Sleazy’s thoughts, anecdotes, reflections on the being part of Coil Live, and thanks to everyone he can remember – The other a facsimile of the Order of Service of Geff’s (Jhonn Balance’s) Funeral, which took place a month pretty much to the day, after the last show in this Collection… This latter will only be
included in the Patron’s and Pre-Order Editions.