Brand new Tom Carter fundraiser offers 99 tracks for €7.50

tom carter
Yep, it’s a Bandcamp thang, but it is a real who’s who of alternative music with Vibracathedral Orchestra, Richard Youngs, Chris Corsano with Paul Flaherty, MV & EE with the Golden Road, Silvester Anfang II, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Heather Leigh, Bardo Pond, Tom Greenwood (of Jackie-O Motherfucker), Gate, Bird People, Tom Carter himself and, literally, loads more.

Let’s face it, most of todays finest musicians probably don’t even make as much as the UK’s national minimum wage and to suddenly be unable to play live, to have to pay for a new transatlantic flight home and all the healthcare costs must be a real nightmare

New Album from Edwards & Corsano now pre-ordering

Dancing Wayang are now taking preorders for the new full length LP London-based double bassist John Edwards and US drummer extraordinaire Chris Corsano.

It is called “TSKTSKING”, due to be released officially on Monday 26 October. It is limited to 500 copies and housed in hand screenprinted sleeves designed by Dancing Wayang artist / printmaker Midori Ogata. The insert features liner notes by sax pioneer Evan Parker who offers a very personal insight into the musical contributions of Chris and John.

The first 100 copies of this LP will be accompanied by our customary 3” bonus CDR featuring two tracks from the TSKTSKING studio session. It’s called VANISHING POINT and housed in sleeves once again designed and screenprinted by Miss Ogata.