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First of all, a cautionary tale. Parts of the site are made with WordPress. I use lots of plug ins with WordPress and I do update them regularly BUT some old, abandoned by their inventors plug-ins actually took out all my WordPress pages last week.

Well, those pages (like this one) are all back online now BUT there were two that just couldn’t be saved for some reason: BEER and TOR IST DAS!

Beer was a bit under updated, perhaps our most neglected page and so some future rebirth is due. Tor Ist Das! was kept alive secretly out of pure nostalgia. Oh well, we’ll always have our memories

Future updates and changes ahoy but first I’m finally doing something I’ve been meaning to do since 2011: change web host. When my current hosts CEO was outed as an elephant shooter back in 2011 I wanted to leave but a Dad with a full time job fears complications.

Well now the deal is done and the wheels are in motion. Hopefully we don’t fall off said wheels and all is smooth.

The January Radio Show

Here it is, a little later than it should be. Unfortunately, I had some ancient WordPress plug-ins that dragged this page into purgatory. However, its cleared up now so all good. Here’s the January show!

There’s a special theme for January’s mix. It’s entirely based around what I was listening to in the 90s. Obviously, that’s not just 90s music. Then there was just enough time left to play something off the recent Richard Dawson & Circle album which is just as classic.

So, here’s the tracklist:

0:00 – Richard Dawson & Circle – Ivy

9:37 – Spacemen 3 – Ecstasy Symphony/Transparent Radiation (Flashback)

18:58 – Main – Corona (pt. 1)

25:39 – Joy Division – Disorder

28:52 – Disco Inferno – Lost in Fog

33:28 – Levitation – Squirrel

37:09 – The God Machine – The Desert Song

41:14 – Ennio Morricone – The Sicilian Clan

44:30 – Coldcut – Sign

49:43 – Bark Psychosis – A Street Scene

53:30 – Front 242 – Junkdrome

1:00:37 – The Velvet Underground & Nico – All Tomorrow’s Parties

1:06:20 – Paul Giovani & Magnet – Searching For Rowan

1:08:37 – Godflesh – Slateman

1:14:14 – Laibach – War

1:18:15 – Killing Joke – Follow The Leader

1:22:48 – The KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Klonk Blip Every Trip)

1:28:14 – The Sabres of Paradise – Wilmot

1:36:14 – The Young Gods – Summer Eyes

1:57:30 – Loop – Soundhead (Peel Session version)

It’s the December radio show!

Christmas just came early, as our December show is now streaming over on Camp’s Mixcloud page:

“But, Ned” you cry “since your radio show returned, you don’t talk between songs and just rattle off a list at the end! How ever will we know what we just heard?”

Gareth Babb winks in reply and points you towards the time stamped tracklist below

1:39 – Nonexistent – Untitled 7. (Raising Ocean)

5:45 – German Ocean – Horseshoe Hut (Pipe, Paper, Dread)

11:24 – The Bug Feat. Jason Williamson – Treetop

15:30 – Sine Rider – Emblem

18:10 – Luke Requena – Metallic Plastic

23:56 – David Bowie – The Mysteries

29:55 – Arthur King – An Sgurr

37:40 – Cluster – 7.42

44:20 – Black Channels – In The Mouth of The Night

47:21 – Boris – Last Christmas

51:37 – Rival Consoles – The Cloud Oracle

54:22 – Ash Ra Tempel – Look At Your Sun

59:54 – The Herods – Noel Nouvelet

1:03:30 – Vis-a-Vis – Vic Sanbra

1:09:37 – Can – Drei

1:17:26 – Burd Ellen – Taladh Chriosda

1:21:06 – The Owl Service – She Moves Through The Fair

1:25:30 – The Summerisle Trio – Willow’s Song

1:29:40 – Jessica Moss – Let Down

1:38:28 – Anna Von Hausswolf – The Truth, The Glow, The Fall (live)

1:50:30 – field recording of my garden

It’s the November radio show!

So much good music has hit me the last month that I ended up going over my time slot a little but I just couldn’t bear to skip any of these gems. We’ve got folk, techno, classic rock, drone, psychedelia and then many points in between.

As per the bright idea of G-Babz, the playlist has approximate start times next to them. Enjoy!

0:54 – Paul Schütze – In The Absence of Angels [from “The Second Law”]

6:45 – Violet Cold – Sahasrara Destruction [single]

9:33 – Light Conductor – Splitting Light [radio edit from “Sequence Two”]

14:54 – Patrick Shiroishi – The Long Bright Dark [from “Hidemi”]

17:34 – The Universal Veil – The Camel [from “Helios/Hind”]

21:57 – Good Shepherd – Nightjar Song [from “Let’s See What The East Wind Brings”]

26:00 – Amon Tobin – How Do You Live [from the album of the same name]

31:14 – HTRK – Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones [from the album “Rhinestones”]

33:14 – Ibukun Sunda – No Turning Back [from the EP “The Last Wave”]

35:06 – Goodparley and Poppy Jennings – The Art of Walking [from the EP “Enjoying Nature”]

39:17 – Carlton Melton – Lions Roar [from Golden Lion Sounds split 7” with Dead Sea Apes]

45:46 – Ulver – ECM Panorama [from the album “Scary Muzak”]

50:19 – Grouper – The Way Her Hair Falls [from the album “Shade”]

52:52 – MVW – Survey Says (feat. Shanique Marie & Lex Luger) [from the album “CLASSIC$”]

54:58 – Jake Blanchard – Trouble in the Clough [from the album “Bryophytes”]

58:54 – Iron Maiden – Prodigal Son [from the album “Killers”]

1:04:39 – Hawthonn – Drowned Light [from the album “Earth Mirror”]

1:13:57 – Incentive – Nostalgia Dwelling [from the self-titled album]

1:21:10 – Sophie Cooper – Goodbye Gemini [from the album of the same name]

1:26:04 – Golden Donna – Pushing [from the EP “The Damage Has Been Done”

1:31:54 – Ross Goldstein – 11 Largo [from the album “Chutes & Ladders”]

1:35:53 – Everling – Ad Hoc Part 5 (Purified) [from the album “Ad Hoc”]

1:44:10 – :Lauren Sarah Heyes – A [from the album “Mini Savior Opt.”]

1:49:43 – Dead Sea Apes – Night of the World [from the Golden Lion Sounds split 7” with Carlton Melton]

1:55:48 – Richard Youngs – Tokyo Photograph [from the album “CXXI”]

2:01:05 – Burd Ellen – The High Priestess and The Hierophant [single]

2:05:52 – Josh Doss – No Conditions [from the album “Distant Memories”]

2:08:30 – Stealing Sheep & The Radiophonic Workshop – End Credits [from the album “La Planète Sauvage”

October Radio Show now streaming

Live from the Golden Lion, Todmorden a mix of new stuff with some old classics.

Thanks to Gareth Babb for the great suggestion of adding play times to the tracklisting. So now each song has the approximate time it appears in the show listed in front of it.

0:00 – The Bug – Vexed (feat. Moor Mother) – from the album “Fire”

4:00 – G.E.K. – Teevee – from the album “Faculty Perception”

12:49 – Lal & Mike Waterson – The Scarecrow (demo) – from the deluxe edition of “Bright Phoebus”

16:15 – Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back & Forth – from the album “Rounds”

21:06 – Endless Caverns – Return To The Solar Garden – from the album
“Color Breathing”

26:26 – Grouper – Unclean Mind – from the album “Shade”

30:08 – Sun City Girls – Come Maddalena – from the album “Funeral Mariachi”

32:57 – Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Fanfare For The Working Man – from the album “People & Industry”

33:57 – Richard Youngs & Raul Refree – Life Is An Avalanche – from the album “All Hands Around The Moment”

41:44 – Songs of Green Pheasant – Nightfall – from the self-titled debut album

45:48 – Steve Hauschildt – A Reflecting Pool – from the album “Where All Is Fled”

48:17 – Xochimochi – Nah Chan – from the album “Temple of the New Sun”

55:27 – Steeleye Span – Dirty Blackleg Miner – from the album “Hark The Village Wait”

57:28 – Gaspar Claus – 2359 – from the album “Tancade”

1:00:05 – Johann Johannsson – The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope of the World – from the soundtrack album “The Miner’s Hymns”

1:05:58 – Fairport Convention – Matty Groves – from the album “Liege & Lief”

1:14:00 – Nina Simone – Sinnerman – from the album “Pastel Blues”

1:23:44 – The Eight Minutes – Take My love Don’t Set Me Free – from the compilation “The Best of Perceptio & Today Records”

1:29:21 – Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper – from the album “Agents of Fortune”

1:34:11 – Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – from the album of the same name

1:39:39 – Vangelis – The Dragon – from the album of the same name

The September radio show is now on Mixcloud

And, boy, is it another great one. So much good music been sent to me the last month that I even got some killer tracks bumped over to the October show.

Its a privilege to have such amazing music sent to me. So, who was it? Here’s the full tracklist including the albums the songs were taken from:

New Age Doom & Lee Scratch Perry – Conquer The Sun – Lee Scratch Petty’s Guide To The Universe

HMOT – Goodbye Black Sky – This music greets death 

Grouper – Unclean Mind – Shade

Mega Bog – Obsidian Lizard – Life, And Another

Hyacinth – Tower – Seasonal Hits

Brigid Mae Power – May Morning Dew – Burning Your Light

Spacelab – Jewelled Tears – Dead Dimension

Maurice Louca – Bidayat (Holocene) – Saet El Haz (The Luck Hour)

Ulver – Bounty Hunter – Hexahedron

Kristen Gallerneaux – Closed Loop – Strung Figures

Den Osynliga Manteln – Vortexlopare – Insektfolk

Michael Chapman – Naked Ladies and Electric Ragtime – Trainsong

Jjjjjerome Ellis – Loops of Retreat – The Clearing 

Ben Chasny – Six Diamonds – The Intimate Landscape

Warp Trio – The Well – Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy

Harmonious Thelonious – Apakapa – Instrumentals

Tara Clerkin Trio – Night Steps – In Spring EP

Vanishing Twin – Zuum – Ookii Gekkou

Charles Rumback – Regina – Seven Bridges

The Answer Lies In A Black Void – Mina – Forlorn

The Crazies – Body Bag – A Simple Vision

Ty Segall – Feel Good – Harmonizer

Charbonneau / Amato – Light Memoir – Synth Works Vol.2

W.H.Lung – ARPi – Varieties

The August Radio Show Is on Mixcloud

The last month has seen me quite staggered by just how much amazing music has been sent my way and it was hard to boil it all down into a two hour show but I am so delighted with the results!

Here’s the full track list:

Wreaths – The Ease With Which It’s Shadow Falls – Golden Threads From Riven Rot

Macromassa – El Consecuente Aspecto de Geometria – Kiosque of Arrows 2 [compiled by Tolouse Low Trax]

Phew – Days Nights – New Decade

Crazy Doberman – Five Ghosts Share a Chair on an Autumn Day in Siberia – everyone is rolling down a hill

Daniel Vujanic – Feeding The Shadow Tree – Paramnesia

Cubs – Tape Owl – Rivers of Amber/Frozen Waterfall

Eric Arn – Palais Mesmer – Higher Order

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (feat. Moses Sumney) – Soon It Will Be Fire – This Is A Mindfullness Drill

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Built By Robots – People & Industry

Gnod – Paint It Blacker – Golden Lion Sound#4

Black Dice – White Sugar – Mod Prog Sic

Klotang – Hyperthruster – A Mirror Falls

Solyst – Flex – Spring

Coil – Love’s Secret Domain – Love’s Secret Domain

Love-Songs & U. Schuette – Dumpfes haemmerndes Droehnen – Spannende Musik

Mind Maintenance – The Ladder – s/t

Mako Sica – Unraveling – Garland of Heads

Richard Youngs – Solo Guitar 5 – Solo Guitar

Wolves In The Throne Room – Spirit of Lightning – Primordial Arcana

Menk – Тень – II  [*Chien]

Faust – Vorsatz –  Faust 1971-1974

Old Million Eye – Way To Fall – Future Wonder

Marissa Anderson & William Tyler – At The Edge Of the World – Lost Futures


Was Ist Das? hits the Sixteen!

Today is now 16 years of Was Ist Das?

Last year for the 15th, it was a label focused anniversary, because I was short of time and totally blocked on the writing front.

This year, it’s nothing but writing! I originally planned to have 16 reviews ready to go today but it exceeded that! Now up on our Features page are reviews of:

Expo 70, Eric Arn, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Wreaths, Black Dice, Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan, Cubs, Mind Maintenance, Laibach, Crazy Doberman, Daniel Vujanic, Yoshi Wada, Phew, —__–___, Yann Tierson, Wolves In The Throne Room, Kevin martin and Birds of Maya!

Right, its late, I’m off to bed. I’ll put up a video review of Can tomorrow

Vintage Faust Music Video!

This not just vintage Faust music but vintage visuals as Gunther Buskies of Bureau B explains: “While working on the Faust Boxset I asked every person involved in the project to please send me any material; photos, sketches, tapes or videos. Gunther Wüsthoff’s archive has been the one to provide us with the most striking visual gems; several film reels full of unseen material from the early 1970s, some documentary – some non related to Faust and some experimental visual sequences. This has been like finding a missing link to understanding the band members massive will to experiment with… art… in every manner. The sequences used for this video were filmed back in 1972 seem to fit perfectly to the track.”