Video review now up! 2021, baby

The Was Ist Das? video review is back! It’s for “Trippin Music” by Nurse With Wound which IS a 2020 release BUT it made our end of year list so it would just be silly not to have a review of it. Makes me think, actually, lots of great albums come out and don’t get reviewed by me…..maybe I should do this more often? Super late album reviews?

So, the review is here but it has got me thinking….when I posted my end of year list, I had only reviewed 4/10 of the picks. Now, we are at 5/10. I think I’ve never been anything other than 10/10! So the 2020 project must continue….although there’s some absolutely storming 2021 stuff already…..either way, my resolve is firm….2021 is gonna have more review action than 2020!

Mix CD on sale now with bag!

Latest release on our Bandcamp page is a special bundle of a special anniversary mix “Owl Temple Session” that’s actually a lossless remake of an old mix from 2011 made from low res mp3s. It comes encased in a tote bag and with a sticker. Cause its the anniversary year.

Get it here

Not really much of a one for nostalgia but I had fond memories of this mix and especially of the response from the few who had a copy. I never kept one for myself and the mix was lost between computers.

Just recently my friend Jonathan Dennis mentioned the mix and when he found out I didnt have it anymore, kindly did me a rip of the CD. I was blown away but couldn’t help wondering how much better it would sound if I made it from higher quality music files (most of it was stuff I’d been sent to review and especially back then the mp3s sent were often low quality).

So, I went back and redid it. It’s something I’m really proud of and I’m glad to share it as a free gift inside the anniversary tote bag.


Well, I don’t know what to say! The site is now 15 years old. Usually I just trot out a DJ set and I tried twice. The first, a digital creation ended up evolving into an album instead. A strange drone odyssey with time stretched sounds matched to classic acapellas and subliminal remixes then dubbed to aged country compilations tapes is now availble in small quantities here

The second mix was an astonishingly lucky, fist pumping, vinyl only krautrock session but the app recording it crashed. And you can’t bottle lighting. So, just trust me that it was awesome. I worked up a sweat and danced round my room even with only 1 cup in me. You would have loved it. Ah well.

We’ve got our a vinyl release from Nick Mitchell-Maiato of One Eleven Heavy now up for pre-order on vinyl, digital and t-shirt right here

And we got a 15th anniversary tote bag! From here

And special freebies: stickers & mix CDs from our US store, exclusive digital mixes form the UK store. I could go on all night, but it’s late already. You got questions then post ’em and I’ll reply tomorrow after my 2nd cup of tea. I promise, ask anything!

Bandcamp Day (our t-shirts are alright)

Bandcamp is once again wavering all fees for artists/labels today. Hooray! Not got anything new really to offer just yet so just put up a special bundle deal. Only 5 available and today only

My wife thinks it was remiss of me not to mention that our Kawabata Makoto t-shirts are eco-friendly and fair trade. I dunno, I’d assumed everyone did that nowadays but sadly seems not to be the case. So there, they are. And here’s me wearing one

Available with a download of Makoto’s stunning solo album or a special bundle that comes with a Was Ist Das? beer coaster and a download code for the greatest live bootleg of all time.

We are just 12 days away from the 15th birthday of Was Ist Das? and that’s when we’ll start pre-orders for the Nick Mitchell-Maioto LP. Should have some other stuff to put up for pre order that day too but more about then.

In the meantime, here’s our Bandcamp Day recommendations, these are things I personally bought already and listen to a lot: Roadtested and maximum endorsement

New Kawabata Makoto CD now taking pre-orders

You can now order the new Kawabata Makoto CD from our Bandcamp page. The speed guru eschews his normally meditative approach to solo recordings to instead create hypno rock of the most cosmic order. We are also doing a short run of t-shirts of the cover art by Sarah Coppen (shirts only shipping from the US, though. CDs available to ship from UK)

New stuff! Free stuff! Cheap shipping!

It’s all been happening lately. Where to begin? New freebie for you all to download. It’s Willie from Woven Skull’s solo project, here giving it a wrong take on techno:

If you prefer cassette, there’s still a small number left (2 at the time of typing). Speaking of cassettes, we’re now taking preorders for our next two tapes. First up is the return of Bird People but this time for a full-band jam of beautiful, blissed out psychedelic rock.

Or you can buy a download if you prefer that sort of thing. Our second tape is the Was Ist Das? debut of United Bible Studies. David Colohan of the band being no stranger to Was Ist Das? with three previous albums for us. Here they go exploring roman graveyards and thinking of MR James but makes me think of Alan Garner.

One source of frustration since moving to the US has been the ridiculously high cost of international shipping here. So these tapes are being made in Yorkshire and half my allocation are going to our friends Obverse Books to distribute on our behalf so now wherever you are on this big, beautiful world of ours, you can buy these two tapes and not worry that the shipping is going to cost more than the tapes!!

More free stuff (and it’s damn good)

Hope everyone’s staying safe and not losing all faith in humanity. Since the last post there’s been two more freebies added to the Bandcamp.

This one’s a cosmic, glacial solo guitar set from Acid Mothers main main Kawabata Makoto live in Hebden Bridge’s Masonic Hall. It’s a very strange venue and I think that seeped into his improvisations!

…and speaking of strange venues this one is from a meeting room above but adjacent to the Robin Hood at Cragg Vale. It was midsummer, the lights were off and the band played in front of small windows overlooking the whole valley. As they played the room slowly melted into near darkness. I think that DEFINITELY seeped into their performance!

Still waiting on the One Eleven Heavy CDs but I’m sure they’ll be along sooner or later.

Strange Days

After a long delay this year I was excited to get the first reviews of the year posted up on the site back in mid March. To me there was only one way to make up for the silence at the start of the year – an explosion of activity. I set up two cassette releases to come out during my return to the UK in April, maybe launch them with a Hebden show and our first pro CD to greet the launch of One Eleven Heavy’s west coast tour in May. And I vowed to myself to keep the reviews flowing.

Well, now I’m working from home, school is closed and while the child care for our pre-school tot is still open, fuck using that for now. I cancelled the UK trip. The One Eleven Heavy tour cancelled. The CD is probably delayed. International shipping seems very delayed. And still figuring out what the next step is for the awesome tape releases I was planning to drop on you all last week. And as for writing in a crazy house of bored kids, big puppies and a wild toddler……well…..that’s not been happening

This is happening though. I’ve been talking to artists who released stuff in the early days of Was Ist Das? and I’ve been slowly putting up some of those early cassette-only releases for free download. Started with The Cosmic Dead up above and now the sublime Isengrind below

So please grab them for nothing and enjoy. I think now more than ever music is an important part of our lives. I’ll be adding more if possible. Please keep supporting artists via their Bandcamps especially those who have had to cancel tours. Stay safe, support your community, try to buy as little as possible from Amazon and stay strong. I’ll try to do my best to make things interesting, time allowing.