It’s the six hour song!

Oklahoma’s greatest export, The Flaming Lips, have unleashed upon us a six hour song. The band are currently on an experimental roll, having put out a series of very limited records on undistributed 12″s, USB sticks inside gummi skulls and feotuses and collaborating with the likes of Lightning Bolt.

The Flaming Lips – Found a Star on the Ground [Part One of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 3
The Flaming Lips – Found a Star on the Ground [Part Two of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 2
The Flaming Lips – Found a Star on the Ground [Part Three of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action

Can news! At last!

So, news in at last. Special editions, box sets, free downloads & previously unreleased material. Read on.

Spoon Records are teaming up once again with Mute for the 40th anniversary of Can’s classic landmark album “Tago Mago”.

This new edition comes packaged in the original UK artwork for the first time since 1971, and includes a bonus CD featuring 50 minutes of unreleased live material from 1972, remastered in 2011.


Paperhouse (07:29)
Mushroom (04:04)
Oh Yeah (07:23)
Halleluwah (18:33)
Aumgn (17:37)
Peking O (11:38)
Bring Me Coffee Or Tea (06:47)

Mushroom (Live 1972) (08:42)
Spoon (Live 1972) (29:55)
Halleluwah (Live 1972) (09:12)

Can – Bring Me Coffee Or Tea by Mute UK

To further celebrate this landmark album, Abtart gallery in Stuttgart (16 Sep – 5 Nov) ( and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (24 Nov – 18 Dec) ( will host *Halleluwah!*, a visual homage to Can. Artists have been invited to interpret Can’s pioneering role in composition, sound, playing technique, and group dynamics.

Comprising painting, drawing, videos, objects, and sound pieces that relate to the broad spectrum of the band’s manifestations and to the facets of the collective, including critical considerations of its being turned into a myth, some works will respond to the covers of CAN albums, others will be investigations or continuations of sound into the present, while yet others will simply be hallucinatory bows before these
great musicians. For further information, and a full list of confirmed artists which includes Albert Oehlen, Daniel Richter, Malcolm Mooney, Carsten Nicolai, go to:

All 14 of Can’s studio albums have been newly cut to vinyl from the remastered tapes for release as a vinyl deluxe box set in early 2012. This will include CDs of all the albums, extensive booklets, an exclusive never released live album (vinyl only) and a newly remastered “Out Of Reach” (previously missed out of the reissue campaign). The vinyl deluxe box set will be available for pre-order at the beginning of October 2011.

In addition, there will be a box set, “The Lost Tapes*, will be released in March 2012. Curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller, and edited and compiled by Jono Podmore, this will include unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Michael Karoli’s death on the 17th November 2011, Spoon Records will offer a Best Of Michael Karoli Edit for free download on their site

Pikacyu Makoto album now previewed & pre-ordering

“Om Sweet Home We Are Shining Stars From Darkside” is the debut album from Acid Mothers main man kawabata Makoto and former Afrirampo lady Pikachu (I don’t know why she has changed the spelling or was I just getting wrong all the time previously?).

Anyway, the album is coming out as a limited edition CD of 1000 for the world in a minature vinyl style card gatefold sleeve.

PIKACYU*MAKOTO ‘Birth Star’ by Riot Season Records
PIKACYU-MAKOTO ‘Loid MInakata’ by Riot Season Records

Get your Country Stash!

…and the award for best album name of all time goes to “Country Stash” coming from MV+EE on May 10th via Three Lobed Recordings and Blatant Obviousness. It’s a new studio album featuring contributions from the likes of Mick Flower, Andy Ramsay, Rongoose, Rafi Bookstaber, Paulie G & Jeremy Earl.

It’s a limited edition of 615 copies on 140 gram vinyl with silkscreened jackets and a download coupon for DRM-free mp3s of the album. Pre-orders are being taken now at
preview of Country Stash by MV+EE by wasistdas


We love beetles and are blown away by this field recording of a Death Watch Beetle in an oak tree making some crazy gamelan percussion. The sounds were recorded by Peter Toll using two contact microphones inside the hollow of an old oak tree. The knockings are apparently a mating call!


New Miminokoto album out now

“Morning Dew, Earth Droplets” is the new album by Suzuki Junzo‘s Miminokoto project. Featuring 2011 studio recordings, it’s out on his own label Plunks Plan. You can enjoy a couple of the tracks right here:

Miminokoto/Morning Dew, Earth Droplets by tapes201

You can pick up the album direct from the artist here

Reissue of Harald Grosskopf’s Synthesist

RVNG have reissued the psychedelic synth album “Synthesist” from original Cosmic Courier & Ash Ra Tempel member Harald Grosskopf. The LP comes with a bonus CD that features remixes from a bunch of contemporary cosmonauts that serve to join the dots, with inspired re-thinks from James Ferraro, Oneohtrix Point Never, JD Twitch, Stellar Om Source, Pink Skull, Bronze, CFCF, Jar Moff, Arp, Blondes, Snoretex and Keyhole Voyeur.

Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist by RVNG Intl.