sneaky peek at Can’s Lost Tapes

In the post today from Mute Records came a tantalising 5 track sampler CD for Can’s Lost Tapes box set, which comes out on Monday. Five tracks at first sounds a bit meagre at first but remember, this is Can. There’s no two minute wonders.

Starts off with a deceptively low-fi intro and then kicks off in full on high fidelity. A classic TV theme from Can with a fast-paced, groovy stomp. Kind of what might have been if Can had done the Bond theme instead of John Barry.

2.Deadly Dorris
This one has Malcolm Mooney on vocals. Seems more raw, low-fi compared to the other material on here. Has more of a ‘Delay 1968’ than a ‘Monster Movie’ vibe to it. Sorta Jimi Hendrix singing for The Velvets in punk mode.

3.Abra Cada Braxas
A mad session with Damo doing some insane vocal aerobics. He sounds like an opera singer on LSD. The band groove out on a mellow “Future Days” era style beat and then it goes into a mad wig-out ala “Soup” or the second disc of “Tago Mago”. The big shock comes when they finish and you hear an audience screaming with delirious approval. The sound quality is so vivid, so excellently mastered, I had no idea this was a live track until they applauded.

4.Midnight Men
Instrumental jam, very in the “Landed” mode, slightly reminiscent of “Vernal Equinox”. Beautiful driving space rock with tight rhythms, searching guitar and some of the most beautiful keyboard work Irmin has ever done – very trippy sounds he’s getting here. It goes into a weird, percussive breakdown like a Martian/African ethnological forgery. In fact, this is the trippiest thing I’ve ever heard from Can.

5.Mushroom (live)
It’s “Mushroom”, Jim, but not as we know it. As with the third track on here, this is amazing sound quality (must buy the “Tago Mago” reissue with the live disc, going by the quality here). Obviously, they’re doing something very different here. The rhythm is recognisable but differently paced. Damo occasionally uses the old “I was born/and I was dead” refrain but for the most part is making it up. Irmin and Michael are doing something very new and different. I’d go as far as to say quite a menacing version.

So, just a teaser lasting 35 minutes but it’s got me psyched. I knows there’s other tracks out on the web for streaming but this is the real deal, fully mastered on CD and played through my hi-fi not some crappy digital format played through my laptop’s speakers.

“The Lost Tapes” is out on Monday 18th June and is currently £29.99 from Amazon

Can announce “The Lost Tapes”

cut and pasted from the Mute website:

Spoon Records and Mute are delighted to announce the release of Can – The Lost Tapes, the long awaited box set of unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material.

The Lost Tapes, out on 18 June 2012, was curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller, compiled by Irmin Schmidt and Jono Podmore, and edited by Jono Podmore.

When the legendary Can studio in Weilerswist was sold to the German Rock N Pop Museum, they bought everything, including the army mattresses that covered the walls for sound protection, and relocated it to Gronau.

Whilst dismantling the studio, master tapes were found and stored in the Spoon archive. With barely legible labeling, no one was sure what was on these until Irmin Schmidt and long time collaborator Jono Podmore started to go through over 30 hours of music.

What they found was years of archived material, not outtakes, but rather tracks which had been shelved for a variety of reasons – soundtracks to films that were never released and tracks that didn’t make it onto the final versions of albums due to space.

Irmin Schmidt explains “Obviously the tapes weren’t really lost, but were left in the cupboards of the studio archives for so long everybody just forgot about them. Everybody except Hildegard, who watches over Can and its work like the dragon over the gold of the Nibelungen and doesn’t allow forgetting.”

The final cut of tracks, dating from 1968-1977, features studio material recorded at Schloss Nörvenich and Can Studio, Weilerswist with the Can line up of Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on drums and Irmin Schmidt on keyboards, and on most tracks, vocals from Malcolm Mooney or Damo Suzuki.

Can was formed by ex-student of Stockhausen Irmin Schmidt, who, fired by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa abandoned his career in classic music to form a group which could utilise and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music.

According to Spin CDs, the box set will be a “very limited edition, numbered 10” square, old fashioned tape box style packaging with 24 page 10” booklet.” and retail for less than £30. They also have a tracklist:

The Lost Tapes – Part 1

1. Millionenspiel
2. Waiting For The Streetcar
3. Evening All Day
4. Deadly Doris
5. Graublau
6. When Darkness Comes
7. Blind Mirror Surf
8. Oscura Primavera
9. Buble Rap

The Lost Tapes – Part 2

1. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore
2. Waiting For The Streetcar
3. The Agreement
4. Midnight Sky
5. Desert
6. Spoon (Live)
7. Dead Pigeon Suite
8. Abra Cada Braxas
9. A Swan Is Born
10. The Loop

The Lost Tapes – Part 3

1. Godzilla Fragment
2. On The Way To Mother Sky
3. Midnight Men
4. Networks Of Foam
5. Messers, Scissors, Fork and Light
6. Barnacles
7. E.F.S 108
8. Private Nocturnal
9. Alice
10. Mushroom (Live)
11. One More Saturday Night (Live)

Drag City release new solo album by Masaki Batoh of Ghost

Masaki Batoh of Ghost has a very special solo album “Brain Pulse Music” coming out on Drag City. The music on it is designed as a prayer and requiem for both the victims and the survivors of the Japanese earthquake. The album has been made with his BPM Machine, developed and built by MKC Inc upon Batoh’s request.

The machine enables the user to generate sounds via their brainwaves. The project took a new turn after the Japanese earthquake delayed the original recording session and Batoh saw an increase of patients coming to his acupuncture clinic with stress and trauma-related problems. This changed the direction he decided to head in with this project which took on a more spiritual aspect. The album combines the BPM Machine with traditonal Japanese instruments.

All proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross. For more information, visit Batoh’s facebook page

Free Faust!

Are you having one of those days where you think “Gee, I’m so bored, I wish I could listen to a recording of Faust live in Brooklyn?” – well, I’ve got news for you, you can.

Up on the Free Music Arhchive is an entire live set from 2009 at the WFMU Fest in Williamsburg Music Hall, Brooklyn. Catch the latest line-up of Faust doing a fresh set of reinvented classics, spontaneous jams and new works. It’s over here. Enjoy!

New Conrad Schnitzler album out

Sunship have just released one of Conrad Schnitzler’s last works on a limited edition vinyl release of 500.

The label wanted some pieces in the style of “Silvester Anfang” (the song Schnitzler donated to Mayhem to use as the opening track of their debut album “Deathcrush”, see here). However, Conrad could not find these in his archives so he kindly proposed to write new music in the same style. These 4 pieces are totally unreleased and not available as CDr for ordering on the fancymoon site. Here is a link to download for free a song of the album: download link

Menagerie#3 Out Today

Menagerie, the magazine that blends music and visual art, releases it’s third issue today. This edition comes with a vinyl LP featuring a track on each side from Twinsistermoon, Isengrind [aka both solo halves of Natural Snow Buildings], Ben Nash [who mostly records as part of Chora these days] and C Joynes et Son Ensemble.

Side A of the record was used by the illustrators to inspire their artwork, while side B of the record is the musicians making music inspired by the illustrators artwork. Menagerie is published by Tor Press as a limited edition of 500 copies.

Here’s some of the music involved:

Festive Greetings from Hibernate and Home Normal

“Festive Greetings from Hibernate and Home Normal” is a 16 track download album featuring Antonymes, The Boats, Offthesky, Machinefabriek, Strom Noir, Good Weather for an Airstrike, Ithaca Trio, Isnaj Dui, Wil Bolton, The Frozen Vaults, Konntintent with Leyli, Upward Arrows, Listening Mirror with Alicia Merz, Clem Leek, Anna Rose Carter with Christopher Bailey and Daniel Thomas Freeman.

The album has been mastered by Wil Bolton and features artwork from Lucia Mancilla Prieto.
The full album can be downloaded in from Bandcamp in return for a donation where 100% of the proceeds will go to the Archway Foundation, established in Oxford in 1982 by Paul Hawgood to help serve those hurt by loneliness.
Bandcamp >
There is a mix online featuring all the tracks HERE