Was Ist Das? does The Wicker Man

Isn’t that some awesome cover art from Richard Wells aka Slippery Jack?

Anyway, its taken 18 months to put together but managed to get 17 of our favorite artists to cover the soundtrack of the Wicker Man.

It’s coming out on double LP and CD (plus high quality digital download) via Bandcamp.

Its been such an epic undertaking that it requires its own section of our website.
For the full scoop, see https://wasistdas.co.uk/Ballads/

Though if you’re in a rush, just go pre-order it from here:


One Eleven Heavy presents Nick Mitchell-Maioto

So the Nick LPs are here and looking/sounding good! Don’t take our word for it, though:

Raven Sings The Blues said it reminded them of “the buoyant tangle of guitar that’s rooted in Crazy Horse’s grit, Canned Heat’s heartbeat boogie, and Satana’s playful willingness to experiment with rhythm” and concluded ” Its a sunshine-scrubbed delight that keeps the listener on their toes”

Record Crates United wisely suggested “if you need a break from the doom and gloom from the outside world, just slap this record on your turntable and groove the night away”

Heads Lifestyle said “an impressive one-man band effort flush with crazy time changes and a deep jammy undercurrent of cosmic choogle”

There’s more great reviews too but I can’t find them right now and I need to go!

Vinyl coming! Tapes shipping! Krautrock reviews!

Nick Mitchell Maiato of One Eleven Heavy is doing a vinyl album for Was Ist Das? We will be taking pre orders and giving you your first taste on August 19th. Why then? It’s the 15th birthday of Was Ist Das? Some of the songs were for the third One Eleven Heavy album but due to the Corona situation they can’t get together and instead a series of solo albums under the One Eleven Heavy presents banner are on the horizon.

In other news, the United BIble Studies and Bird People albums arrived unexpected early and begin shipping today instead of in 2 months time. Also coming out before Nick’s vinyl will be an astonishing solo CD from Kawabata Makoto and a mind-melting blu-ray. And general merch seen as how its our 15th year.

In review news we have quality entries to the Krautrock album review database. I’ve tackled the delicious compilation of vintage, unreleased Roedelius , James Jackson Toth [of One Eleven Heavy/Wooden Wand] has taken on Edgar Froese’s solo gem “Episilon in Malaysian Pale” which sounds like a craft beer but is actually a tropical wig out classic whilst Stuart Douglas [Obverse Books main man and Sherlock Holmes writer] has bravely tackled Can’s “Out of Reach”