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Normal service will be resumed shortly*

First of all, a cautionary tale. Parts of the site are made with WordPress. I use lots of plug ins with WordPress and I do update them regularly BUT some old, abandoned by their inventors plug-ins actually took out all my WordPress pages last week.

Well, those pages (like this one) are all back online now BUT there were two that just couldn’t be saved for some reason: BEER and TOR IST DAS!

Beer was a bit under updated, perhaps our most neglected page and so some future rebirth is due. Tor Ist Das! was kept alive secretly out of pure nostalgia. Oh well, we’ll always have our memories

Future updates and changes ahoy but first I’m finally doing something I’ve been meaning to do since 2011: change web host. When my current hosts CEO was outed as an elephant shooter back in 2011 I wanted to leave but a Dad with a full time job fears complications.

Well now the deal is done and the wheels are in motion. Hopefully we don’t fall off said wheels and all is smooth.

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