Well, I don’t know what to say! The site is now 15 years old. Usually I just trot out a DJ set and I tried twice. The first, a digital creation ended up evolving into an album instead. A strange drone odyssey with time stretched sounds matched to classic acapellas and subliminal remixes then dubbed to aged country compilations tapes is now availble in small quantities here

The second mix was an astonishingly lucky, fist pumping, vinyl only krautrock session but the app recording it crashed. And you can’t bottle lighting. So, just trust me that it was awesome. I worked up a sweat and danced round my room even with only 1 cup in me. You would have loved it. Ah well.

We’ve got our a vinyl release from Nick Mitchell-Maiato of One Eleven Heavy now up for pre-order on vinyl, digital and t-shirt right here

And we got a 15th anniversary tote bag! From here

And special freebies: stickers & mix CDs from our US store, exclusive digital mixes form the UK store. I could go on all night, but it’s late already. You got questions then post ’em and I’ll reply tomorrow after my 2nd cup of tea. I promise, ask anything!

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