More free stuff (and it’s damn good)

Hope everyone’s staying safe and not losing all faith in humanity. Since the last post there’s been two more freebies added to the Bandcamp.

This one’s a cosmic, glacial solo guitar set from Acid Mothers main main Kawabata Makoto live in Hebden Bridge’s Masonic Hall. It’s a very strange venue and I think that seeped into his improvisations!

…and speaking of strange venues this one is from a meeting room above but adjacent to the Robin Hood at Cragg Vale. It was midsummer, the lights were off and the band played in front of small windows overlooking the whole valley. As they played the room slowly melted into near darkness. I think that DEFINITELY seeped into their performance!

Still waiting on the One Eleven Heavy CDs but I’m sure they’ll be along sooner or later.

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