Strange Days

After a long delay this year I was excited to get the first reviews of the year posted up on the site back in mid March. To me there was only one way to make up for the silence at the start of the year – an explosion of activity. I set up two cassette releases to come out during my return to the UK in April, maybe launch them with a Hebden show and our first pro CD to greet the launch of One Eleven Heavy’s west coast tour in May. And I vowed to myself to keep the reviews flowing.

Well, now I’m working from home, school is closed and while the child care for our pre-school tot is still open, fuck using that for now. I cancelled the UK trip. The One Eleven Heavy tour cancelled. The CD is probably delayed. International shipping seems very delayed. And still figuring out what the next step is for the awesome tape releases I was planning to drop on you all last week. And as for writing in a crazy house of bored kids, big puppies and a wild toddler……well…..that’s not been happening

This is happening though. I’ve been talking to artists who released stuff in the early days of Was Ist Das? and I’ve been slowly putting up some of those early cassette-only releases for free download. Started with The Cosmic Dead up above and now the sublime Isengrind below

So please grab them for nothing and enjoy. I think now more than ever music is an important part of our lives. I’ll be adding more if possible. Please keep supporting artists via their Bandcamps especially those who have had to cancel tours. Stay safe, support your community, try to buy as little as possible from Amazon and stay strong. I’ll try to do my best to make things interesting, time allowing.

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