bunch of reviews posted

Yesterday Was Ist Das? turned 14! Awkwardly my old laptop had finally gone over a cliff and my new one didn’t arrive until the end of the day. So today is more of a celebration as I was actually able to do stuff (and I was off work). Anyway, I just stuck up six new reviews. Well, I say new, one of them was from February and somehow got lost and with it being an anniversary it seemed a great time to revive it (Teeth of the Sea) but one of them is from 4 years ago when I lived in the UK. It was a typed review I found in a cloud when setting up the new laptop. So I slapped it down over a recent photo (Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers). What else? There’s folk, there’s synth pop, there’s abstraction of the finest order. Go on over to the Features page for all the options.

Now my laptop has a bigger screen, the website will be designed accordingly. I know nobody has computers anymore and they’re all using smart phones. I have one too. I’m just a creature of habit.

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