Was Ist Das? Shutdown Ends

Following a shocking festive season during which the warring elements of my soul were unable to find a compromise, Was Ist Das? is finally posting new stuff. First up, reviews of Heather Leigh and Scanner are up on the Features page http://wasistdas.co.uk/Features.htm

Then, over on the Label Page, I’ve created a page that just shows a bunch of picks of previous releases. You can’t click on them. It serves no practical purpose. I’ll probably only update it once or twice a year. I don’t care. I just wanted it. Just look at it! http://wasistdas.co.uk/label.htm but don’t confuse it with our normal Label page which is at http://wasistdas.co.uk/label/

Hoping to be making it out of date very soon with some great releases.

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