Soul Jazz to release Popol Vuh compilation

Genre-spanning archivists Soul Jazz are putting out a 3 disc Popol Vuh compilation entitled “Kailash”. The first CD focus on Florian Fricke’s solo piano music, CD2 will be Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to the film “Kailash” and the third disc will be a DVD of “Kailash” itself, a documentary film charting the film-maker Frank Fiedler & Florian’s ascent of a real life holy mountain.

CD 1 – Piano Recordings
01. Spirit Of Peace 1
02. Spirit Of Peace 2
03. Spirit Of Peace 3
04. Mahayana (Karuna)
05. The Heart
06. Earth View
07. Moses
08. Garden Of Pythagoras

CD 2
Kailash – Pilgrimage To The Throne Of Gods (Original Soundtrack)
01. West Tibet – Land Of The Nomads
02. The Garden Morya
03. Manasarowar – The Turquoise Lake
04. Nomads Move
05. Last Village
06. West Face – Place Of Death
07. The Kora – Ritual Circuit Of The Sacred Mountain
08. Valley Of The Gods
09. Buddah’s Footprint
10. Transhimalaya

Kailash – Pilgrimage To The Throne Of Gods

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