2014 shortlist

Been a hell of a busy year, working on my Radiophonic Workshop book and now doing a tape label. Probably missed loads of great records in 2014 but here’s my own personal choices. Obviously, stuff I released isn’t eligible..although it was all dead good.

1.Human Greed – World Fair
world fairThe brilliance of Human Greed has been quietly hidden in the music underground for a few years now and getting brighter all the time. This year they delivered their finest album yet, a dark swoon from the cold hills, a bedtime story for lost adults everywhere.


2.Sophie Cooper – Our Aquarius
our aquarius
Always feel a bit awkward putting close friends on the end of year list but, fuck it, Sophie really took things up a few gears this year and made such a strong album. Hard to resist such a blend of catchy songs with sparse arrangements and hypnotic instrumental folk workouts, all tastefully presented in reverberation.

3.The Cosmic Dead – Easterfaust
easterfaustAbsolute mad bastard space riff monster split over two sides of wild psychedelic rawk





4.Wooden Wand – Farmers Corner
farmers cornersalongside “Psicotropia” this was our album of the Summer. Beautiful, sunny Americana dreams.





5.Natural Snow Buildings – The Night Country
night countrySorry to be an asshole and pick something you can’t get for love or money but this European tour CDR, limited to just 50 copies, really was spectacular. Immense, dark and a fascinating evolution of their sound. Sorry!



6.Current 93 – I Am The Last of All The Field That Fell
i am the lastThe lyrics of David Tibet are something I never tire of. There can never be enough Current 93 songs in the world and it would be a tragic year that didn’t see a C93 album born. This one saw Tibet  richly supported by the distinguished pianist Reiner Van Houdt plus special guest turns from Nick Cave, John Zorn and Antony. Flawless



7.Datashock – Keine Oase In Sicht
keine oaseThe ultimate desert psychedelic rock album ever to come out of Germany. Datashock are the heirs of Germany’s psychedelic experimental heritage and carry the torch high.




8.Andrew Liles – The Maleficent Monster And Other Macabre Stories
maleficent monsterA tribute to all that is great about horror soundtracks, packed in thick like a classic compilation of the best horror films that never existed. Never a dull moment and no chance to catch your breath as Liles fucks around with your favourite messed-up genres. Oh, and album cover of the year too.



9.Cyclobe – Sulphur Tarot Garden
sulphurLords of the otherworld opened the gates and let this out this year. Haunted electronics from the edge of sleep.




10.Bong – Stoner Rock
stone rockWith dry irony, Bong named this, their most all-annihilating onslaught of cosmic doom, Stoner Metal. With readings from Lovecraft. And a bit of sitar.



11.Bird People – Autumnal Hum
autumnalPerfectly named, this seasonal drone piece really lifted us off our feet




12. USA Out Of Vietnam – Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes
crashingLike a more pop version of experimental drone metal post-rock. Brilliant




1.Various artists – Kazbek: Field recordings from the Caucasus 2012-2014
kazbejA four cassette box set (hand made out of wood) with inserts and absolutely packed full of jaw dropping sounds from the Caucasus mountains. The previous compilation CD only scratched the surface, Kazbek allows you to dive in. Easily the most played thing this year in our house bar Neil Young & Psicotropia


2.Nurse With Wound – Terms And Conditions Apply
tandcA compilation album that brings together some rare bits of vinyl, plenty of exclusives and the Wounded bits of the Larsen collaboration. Oh, and it has some proper filth on there so watch who you listen to it with!



3.Lavender Country – s/t
lavender countryAside from this being a pioneering gay country album from 1973 and full of wit, melancholy and righteous anger, its also a damn fine record and incredibly catchy in a timeless way.




4.Ø+yn y Montibus Communitas – Offerings For The Destroyer
offeringsAn amazing start from Arizona label Sky Lantern Records who kicked off their discography with a live collaboration between two of our favourite sets of South American psychedelicists.



5.Delia Derbyshire/Anthony Newley – Moogies Bloogies
moogies bloogiesFinally a lost 60s legend makes it to vinyl. This collaboration between the electronic legend and the musicals icon/comedian Newley. A rough mp3 had been doing the rounds for years but this is the real thing. Thanks Trunk Records



6.Colin Potter – Two Nights
two nightsgorgeous looking reissue of a classic Potter tape from the early 80s. Double-coloured vinyl too.




7.Sunfighter – Golden Eagle Of Illumination
golden eagle ofaptly titled sun-drenched psyche wig-outs. Rising like a phoenix from the flames of classic drone act The White Lodge



8.Hellvete/Jake Blanchard – split tape
hellchardI love split tapes and here was 2014’s best, two of Europe’s best drone acts/




9.Mark Banning – Journey To The Light
journey to the lightA really nice reissue by Students of Decay of this rare new age album. Fascinating and engrossing stuff.




10.Father Murphy – Pain Is On Our Side
pain is ondouble vinyl or double tape and you can play both at once to make a new song. Heavy, dark and dense experimental industrial.




11. Endless Caverns / Outer Vertex
endless caverns outer vertexMatt Herbcraft on one side and Eric Primordial Undermind on the other. This tape was always going to be a new map for the electric guitar



12.Ancient Ocean – Wien
Live recordings of some beautiful sonic landscapes from the duo whose music actually lives up to their bold name.

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