Swans new album details

“THIS IS NOT A REUNION. It’s not some dumb-ass nostalgia act. It is not repeating the past. After 5 Angels Of Light albums, I needed a way to move FORWARD, in a new direction, and it just so happens that reviviing the idea of Swans is allowing me to do that. “ Michael Gira

Swans have announced that their new album “MY FATHER WILL GUIDE ME UP A ROPE TO THE SKY” is coming out on September 20th on CD, LP & download. It features guest spots from Bill Rieflin (of REM, Ministry & original Swans) on various instruments, Grasshopper from Mercury Rev on mandolins and Devendra Banhart sings lead vocals, accompanied by Gira’s 3 year old daughter Saoirse, on the song “You Fucking People Make Me Sick”.

The band tour the UK with James Blackshaw in support, see this news item for more details.

For more info on Swans & the new album, go to http://younggodrecords.com/

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