In this months Mojo magaizne, Irmin Schmidt reveals some exciting news for Can-heads. He states there are 20 to 30 hours of unreleased music in the Can archive and that he has begun digitising it. He mentions there are live recordings and a lot of soundtrack work and alternative versions of existing songs (he cites Vitamin C as an example of a song they tried out in different styles).

In Autumn, deluxe vinyl editions of the classic Can albums will be released with the unreleased material to follow:

“It might be a series of albums, two or three at least” he is quoted as saying “There are some really nice and strange jams of the four of us alone in the studio which have never been heard since. There will be songs with Malcolm and Damo; there’s a live piece with Malcolm I remember, and two or three with Damo”

When asked what will happen to the rest of the archive he is quoted as saying it will be put on the internet for download.

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