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Ø+yn & Madrugapha – The Dark Side of the Moon

IMG_20151108_111050A mind-blowing/mind-blurring team up from Argentina’s kings of the bizarre, this is over 35 minutes of the most out their sounds we have ever released. Ø+yn have always sounded to me like what Nurse With Wound would sound like if they were a South American acoustic band. There is that experimental surrealism but instead of the studio as instrument approach, its something for more tactile and hands-on. Madrugapha is more of a cosmonaut, following whacked-out stoned comet trails through deepest space. The two worlds collided a couple of years ago for the live tape “Golden Rain Pope” released on Madrugapha’s own label, the excellent Salvador Records (check it out).

Anyway, here’s some fruits picked from the overflowing branches of this album:

Side A
1.The Great Gig In My Hole
2.Golas Con Surpensor
3.Climbing The Limits Of Molecular Strings
4.Walt(z) Disney

Side B
1.Meado (for Ricardo Montaaer)
2.Loro Lin Tones
3.El Sintetizador Anal

Limited edition of 50. 42 copies on dark blue cassettes, 8 on freaky purple. Buy from here