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These Feathers Have Plumes / Isnaj Dui

IMG_20160408_154542For our second split album, we once again try to pursue a certain symmetry in our artists. These Feathers Have Plumes is the solo project of Andie Brown who was previously a member of Cindytalk, Remedial Queen of England and Infinite Space, Infinite Stars. Isnaj Dui is the solo project of Katie English, formerly of The Owl Service and one half of The Sly and Unseen. Andie’s instrument of choice is a collection of extremely large wine glasses fitted with microphones whilst Katie leans heavily towards the flute but both artists are expert producers and create atmospheric soundscapes.

Limited edition of 75 on white & black tapes and comes with a download code.

Available now from http://wasistdas.bigcartel.com/

“…especially touched by magick…” – The Quietus