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Chicaloyoh / Terrine – Elles Sont Barrées Elles Ou Quoi?

IMG_20150908_142925Its our first ever split album and we are taking no prisoners, is it a real double-whammy. We have two solo artists, both from France, who recently wowed everyone on their joint UK tour which included revelatory sets at our very own Tor Ist Das! festival which won them lots of new fans so its a real honour to be putting out one tape with both of them on it.

First up is Chicaloyoh, the project of Alice Dourlen. Alice is a singer, painter, poet and multi-instrumentalist from Normandy. She has amassed a rich and varied discography since starting out on her own in 2010, clocking up releases on labels such as Shelter Press, Brave Mysteries and Digitalis. On this release, Alice sings in French, her voice soft but dark, over a backdrop of head-nodding beats, weird psychedelic soundscapes and heavy synths.

On the flip is Terrine, the solo project of Claire Gapenne from mighty French noise-rockers Headwar. Her first EPs were devastatingly heavy no-wave assaults but here she embraces playful experimentalism creating head-wigging sounds that cross through the realms of Coil, musique concrete and even early Faust but all with a playful wit and some burst of speed noise.

Chicaloyoh Side

Paroles Creuses
Coeur De Sable, Ogre

Terrine Side

Punks & Jean Detrémont
Mundial Consignar Late
Indus Mauvais Goût

Limited edition of 100. Black C30 tapes with yellow cases. Cover artwork is “TWO GIRLS IN HAUNTED WOODS” by Alice Dourlen.

On sale now at http://wasistdas.bigcartel.com/