Cheval Scintillantes

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It is a great honour and privilege to bring to you the debut release from a major new talent – Cheval Scintillantes. Cheval Scintillantes is Sophie Bernadou, a multi-instrumentalist who previously played in the trio Folle Eglise along with Alice Dourlen (aka Chicaloyoh). Both the tracks on here see Sophie displaying her creative talents with the cello. Her playing is passionate, intricate and inspired.

The recording captures the tactile actions of her instrument and the acoustics of the room she was recording in. More akin to how Steve Albini engineers recordings to make them sound as live and real as possible, this is the antithesis of a sterile over-produced production, but a living, breathing organic recording in which you can almost hear the air molecules being displaced by her bow.

This is a very limited release of 50 copies on glittering blue tapes, pro-dubbed. Recorded at Studio Chaudelande by Bertrand Duchemin. Artwork by Marion Dubois

Side A
Bonne chance pour ta passion

Side B
J’espère que tu vas t’épanouir et profiter de ce nouveau départ

WAS14 – out October 16th
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