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Kawabata Makoto – The Infinity That Wasn’t

To me, there’s always been a world of difference between Kawabata Makoto’s solo work and his group work with Acid Mothers Temple. His solo works have always been minimalist, spiritual, energy accumulating and inward looking, whereas AMT is wild party music, a cosmic outgoing, a burst of great energy. His solo work is avant garde classical folk music whereas AMT are a rock n roll band from the end of the universe.

Then this landed in my inbox and burned that rule down. On “Infinity That Wasn’t” Makoto has become a band, multi tracking his own drums, keys, guitars and electronics. It goes far beyond any convention. The epic opener ending up furious guitar shreds dueling over hypnotic organ riffs like Can replaced Irmin with Philip Glass.

released July 3, 2020

Kawabata Makoto : acoustic & electric guitars, drums, hand clapper, drift box, electric organ

all music by Kawabata Makoto
recorded at Acid Mothers Temple, May – June 2020
produced, engineered and mixed by Kawabata Makoto
mastered by Andrew Liles
cover art by Sarah Coppen at Desert Moon Art

Special edition comes with t-shirt


Bird People – Molting

the much delayed (our fault) WAS40 is here and for a special number like that we needed someone special so here is Bird People again with a stellar 5/6 piece line-up incluidng Eric Arn [Primordial Undermind] and some absolute drop to the floor slowburn psyche rock.

Forget all your troubles and surf the sunset slipstream of this one!

released June 5, 2020

Eric Arn – electric guitar
Roy Culbertson III – drums, percussion, trombone, voice and electric violin
Johanna Forster – electric guitar
Lucas Henao Serna – drums and percussion
Michaela Konrad – accordion
Stefanie Neuhuber – alto sax
Johannes Oberhuber – bass, voice
Ulrich Rois – electric guitar

Recorded April and May 2018 on Olympus LS11 at Studio 7, Vienna, Austria
Mastering by Ulrich Rois
Cover Photography and Layout by Ned Netherwood


David Colohan – Prosperpolder

Our second David Colohan album this month is a more cinematic affair, recalling classic synth soundtracks getting lost in the fog.


David Colohan – Arc of a Snowfall

A blissed-out electronic album from David Colohan (Raising Holy Sparks/United Bible Studies), one of two we release this month, side by side on CDR and digital. David says “Returning from a trip to Istanbul, the skies were clear & Europe was covered in snow. I spent hours gazing at the endless illuminated wilderness below, as if in a dream. Arc Of A Snowfall is an attempt to recapture that feeling.”

Made using Casio MT-400V, Korg MS-20 Mini & modular synthesizer through Binson Echorec EC3, Phonic Digital Echo Chamber PH6070, Shin-Ei ER-23 Echo Reverb Master, Boss Digital Delay DD-6, Boss Digital Reverb RV-5 & Boss RC-20XL Loop Station.

Recorded in Ballymahon, Ireland during February 2015.


Josh Doss – Don’t Let Your Time Pass You By

A tape, yesterdaySinger-songwriter Josh Doss is from Lexington, KY and has spent several years honing his craft and putting out his own CDRs and downloads. Recommended to me by the great James Jackson Toth (who is always right, be it about music shopping, artists or me needing to get glasses), Josh agreed to do a tape for me and put together a band for it. While his songwriting is in the great North American tradition, touching all the greats, his approach to music echoes through the more avant garde side of rock, recalling Velvet Undeground or those classic Spacemen 3 demos that Father Yod put out.

The three piece band sound amazing with a warm, fuzzy, tight sound. There’s some spectacular jammage on tracks like “Come With Me” and “Suspicious” that sounds like Malcolm Mooney-era Can covering California period Fleetwood Mac. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to put this out and I can guarantee you’re going to be hearing more from this guy in the future.

“hazed late-night gems tipping on a fulcrum of damped down boogie blues and sore-throated Americana” – Raven Sings The Blues

This is also WAS34. Its a good number.

David Colohan – Hill Of The Moon

IMG_20160216_172443A very special double cassette release by David Colohan.

David is one of the co-founders of acclaimed Irish collective United Bible Studies and also helms his own Raising Holy Sparks. He also used to record as Agitated Radio Pilot.  He’s always in The Wire these days and just before Christmas he was on a split release with his UBS bandmate Richard Moult

Imagine If Popol Vuh lived in rural Ireland and were in thrall to the local landscape and folklore then this is how it would sound. A hypnotic, devotional work imbued with strange, inexplicable, almost Neolithic atmospheres. It’s bloody wonderful of course and is only a limited edition of 100. Oh, and it comes with a download coupon.


quite simply a modern masterpiece. Atmospheric, evocative and drenched in an earthy beauty” – Grey Malkin, The Active Listener
Something centuries old = mysterious and magical music…” – Fluid Radio

Ekca Liena – Lacia Is Joined

IMG_20150516_062138Its taken a while but I’ve finally got Daniel MacKenzie of Plurals to let me put out the first ever tape from his solo project Ekca Liena. How to describe this music? Its difficult to pin down but it is a kind of high-fidelity blend of electronic drones and intense waves of guitar noise. You might say if Natural Snow Buildings sound comes from rural France then Ekca Liena does a similar thing for decaying urban Britain. When I listen to it I imagine beautiful glowing sunsets over crumbling, derelict industrial estates.

You can listen for yourself right now as for this album we are selling it via bandcamp so you can stream it there right now and you will get a free download of it immediately when you buy it but I really can’t stress enough that this is an album that needs to be experienced as a whole not by dipping in for few seconds or skipping through the tracks on bandcamp while listening on rubbish laptop speakers. This is over 70 minutes of deep listening music and needs total immersion for maximum results.

It’s been mastered by Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound/Current 93), sleeve design by Daniel himself and cover photo by me. We’re only doing 50 copies which means after artists copies and subscribers copies that we have less than 20 of these going on sale. Get it here while you still can.

Daphne Oram – Pop Tryouts

IMG_20150324_184320 Introducing Mondo Hebden which is the name we are using for releasing archival music (as opposed to Was Ist Das? which is for new music). Our first release really is from the first lady of British electronic music and founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Daphne Oram.

It came about because I’ve spent the past 10 months working on a book about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and ended up at Goldsmiths University going through Daphne’s papers. While I was there I was given the opportunity to listen to her archives and the contents of tape number 037, marked “Pop Tryouts” really struck me.

It seems to be various different arrangements and takes of the same track, a very melodic part of the “Birds Of Parralax” suite featured on the excellent “Oramics” compilation. Daphne tackles it in a variety of ways including acapella and proto-techno. It was probably made around 1972/1973 as it was for the ballet “Xallaraparallax” which Daphne which Daphne’s paperwork refers to as being worked on in that period.

It gives a fascinating glimpse into her working methods and gets the melody very firmly lodged into your memory! Its been gently remastered but the two acoustic tracks have some inevitable room hiss on them. Thank you to the Daphne Oram Trust for making this all possible.

The tape will be shipping mid-March and the book, “An Electric Storm” will be out in Autumn. You can pre-order the book fromObverse Books


Limited edition of 150 copies, pre-order from

Various Artists – Mistletoe & Cold Winter Skies

mistletoeNot quite the Was Ist Das? Christmas album, this is none the less, a mid-Winter themed compilation which can include Christmas…and for some of the songs, it does.


Side A

1.The Lamp – intro
just a brief scene-setter with the voice of Stuart Davison and some synth

2.Magpahi – Winter Solstice Night
Magpahi is the solo project of Alison Cooper [Samandtheplants, N.Racker] who has recorded for such fine labels as Twisted Nerve, Bird Records and Library Tapes. She has contributed a beautiful instrumental piece which makes me want to go to an Elizabethan frost fair.

3.Sophie Cooper – Rack Up The Bintang, it’s Christmas Day sleigh bells by Dale Cornish
The Queen of Stoke has played many a fine gig for us and this year raised the bar very high with her spell-binding album “Our Aquarius”. For us, she’s gone all wild and anti-folk and deviously catchy.

4.Bewilderness – The Muffled King
Bewilderness is a new collaboration between Jeff Stonehouse and Sanja Ivkov. Crawley resident Jeff started out making experimental music in Organs of Battle but went on to make techno in the 90s under the name Spiralhead. Since then he has made deep pastoral ambience as Listening Mirror (Hibernate Recordings) and more experimental electronics as jffstnhs. His recent collaborations include Le Moors with Wil Bolton and Snoqualmie Falls with Alicia Merz (aka Birds Of Passage). Sanja Ivkov is a singer, painter & tattoo artist from Sombor, Serbia. She is the lead singer in Mesta and was previously in Syphil.

5.Nick Hudson – A Dogbed’s View of Christmas
L’enfant terrible of the Brighton music scene, Nick’s beautiful voice and arrangements at first sound like they are crying out for prominent playlisting on daytime Radio 2 and 6 until you actually stop and listen to the lyrics. Witty but exceedingly dark it is no surprise he has earnt high praise from David Tibet and a cold shoulder from Broadcasting House but its their loss. His Christmas song is every bit as lovely, funny and horrifying as you would expect.
Side B

1.The Psychogeographical Commission – Antenociticus Awakens
Antenociticus, spelt wrongly on the tape sleeve just like the band are, is a mysterious Roman god who seems to have only been worshipped up by Hadrian’s Wall. The remains of his temple are now found on a housing estate in Tyne and Wear. This powerful and mysterious music really does suggest him awakening and being a very bad neighbour. I know many things about The Psychogeographical Commission but if I told you, I’d have to kill you. All of you.

2.Jake Blanchard – Erithacus Rubecula
Jake Blanchard first made his name with his remarkable illustration work and his label Tor Press (you MUST check out their Menagerie compilations which are all amazing). However, in recent years he has been releasing a steady stream of exotic drone releases, each one completely unlike the previous ones. Here, he lays on some extraordinary electronics in honour of our Winter friend, the Robin.

3.Gena Netherwood – Life Is A Bug You Step On
Although she has collaborated with Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound, Current 93), this is Gena’s first ever official solo release. Its actually over ten years old and has been shared around the internet. She’s picked it up, given it a digital dusting off and kindly donated it to this compilation. Thanks

4.Bird People – The Holly King and The Oak King
Bird People is the musical project of Mr.Feathered Coyote himself, Vienna’s leading light Ulrich Rois. This epic ritualistic psychedelic folk track will make you want to dance in the snowy woods wearing nothing but berries. Please don’t, though, as this is illegal except in Sweden.

5.The Lamp – outro
the end.

A very limited edition of 50 on yellow tapes and, for the first time, comes with a download. Cover picture by me. Tape is sold out but download only for pay what you can from