Ciarán MacAoidh – A Palm To Rest My Cheek Upon

The long-delayed WAS32 is finally here and its our first ever professionally made CD. Sound artist and field recordist Ciarán MacAoidh has been the artist in residence at The Dock arts centre in Carrick-On-Shannon, Ireland for a year. This album is the result of one of the projects he worked on.

“Starting with thoughts of mental illness and Victorian insane asylums, forced hydrotherapy treatments for the inmates, then holding sounds of deep frustration, of loss of personhood, and of being trapped inside an ill mind you wish you didn’t recognise.

Field recordings made underground and underwater in the north-west of Ireland. I recorded at one place, above and below the lake over the seasons, not knowing how the sounds would fit into a work on mental illness. A mad piece of synchronicity in finding a man,likely drowned at his own hand, at that place on the lake, brought a different colour to the work.”

The sleeve was hand assembled by the artist, includes a wax and twig sealed booklet. Thought-provoking and atmospheric sounds works, taking field recording to another level.


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