The Cosmic Dead – Live At The Trades

cosmic dead live at the trades

The best things take the longest time. Spring 2011 and I get an e-mail from the German label Who Can You Trust? Recirds and it links me to an mp3 promo of the debut album by a band from Glasgow called The Cosmic Dead. I get caught in a torrential downpour on my first listen and they make everything alright. Wild, frenzied psychedelic rock heaven…nothing but power and madness. Soon they were on my podcast, my shopping list and my end of year list but not my gig listings. We just could never match up the dates. They would tour while I was on holiday or they would pass through on the day I was doing an ambient night.

Then on Wednesday 16th April 2014 the planets finally aligned and the Cosmic Dead finally beamed down to Hebden Bridge alongside the returning Carlton Melton juggernaut. The results were devastating. It was the first time I’d seen them but I checked with the experts present who told me it was the best Cosmic Dead gig they’d ever seen. Maybe the band were buzzing off the green, beautiful surroundings of Hebden. Maybe they were bouncing off each other. Maybe they were responding to the liquid light show projected on every wall. Maybe It was just the time. Whatever the reason, they were on fire. Rich from Carlton Melton took over the lead guitar towards the end of the set. James from the Cosmic Dead returned the favour towards the end of Carlton Melton’s set.

It was the sort of night that made you want to padlock the doors and keep the bands trapped in there so they could play again every single fucking night of the year. We’ve tried to bottle a little of that magic. Using 3 seperate recordings from John Miller, Michael Linden West & Dave Mortimer matrixed together by MLW and mastered by Steven Hay for maximum density. C40 cassette containing the whole gig. Cover artwork by the one and only Jake Blanchard. Limited edition of 100 copies. All tapes dubbed direct from the uncompresed master file to cassette at normal speed for maximum listening pleasure. Full dynamic range recording to allow full audio detail, you just might need to turn up the volume a bit higher than normal.

Limited edtion of 100 green tapes in green cases
Very limited 2nd of 14 red tapes in red cases


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