Hebden Bridge, Hole In T’Wall – Thursday May 13th 2010

Tomorrow we sail + Hidden Bek + Was Ist Das? Soundsystem

Thursday May 13th 2010 @ Hole In t’ Wall, Hangingroyd lane, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm, free entry.

Tomorrow We Sail [www.myspace.com/tomorrowwesail]

Tomorrow We Sail are a Leeds-based six-piece, formed in early 2009. Influenced by music as divergent as folk, classical ambience and slowcore, they switch effortlessly from hushed tones to ear-splitting walls of noise, taking the familiar template of post-rock but with a melodicism rarely found in the genre. TWS also feature members of Glissando’s Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble.

Hidden Bek

Former members of Hebden Bridge heroes Widykeff create a slowcore inspired sonic paradise, where reverbed melodies effortlessly melt away into the ether. Hidden Bek have split! However, a new support act is confirmed and I think it’s a great choice:

The Window Right!

Was Ist Das Soundsystem
Spinning a mixture of drone, ambient & folk between sets.

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2 Responses to Hebden Bridge, Hole In T’Wall – Thursday May 13th 2010

  1. admin says:


    1.Popol Vuh “On The Way”
    2.Grouper “Living It To You”
    3.The White Noise “Love Without Sound”
    4.Phosphorescent “Cocaine Nights”

    The Window Right soundcheck

    1.Bark Psychosis “I Know”
    2.Faust/Nurse With Wound “Lass Mich”
    3.Can “Father Cannot Yell” (alternative version)
    4.Neu! “Hallogallo”
    5.Cave “The Ride”

    The Window Right

    1.Nurse With Wound “Rock N Roll Station”
    2.Moondog “Theme and Variations”
    3.Public Image ltd “Memories”
    4.Velvet Underground “White Light/White Heat”
    5.My Bloody Valentine “To Here Knows When”

    Tomorrow We Sail

    1.Swans “Blind”
    2.Calexico “Untitled III”
    3.Current 93 with Nick Cave “All The Pretty Little Horses”
    4.Michael Yonkers with Plastic Crimewave Sound “Old Throb”

  2. admin says:

    A track from The Window Right set appears on our Fourth Podcast:


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