Hebden Bridge, Hole In t’ Wall – Friday June 4th 2010

Was Ist Das Soundsystem won’t be DJing at Hibernate’s May event [same venue, 19th May with Simon Scott + Machinefabriek + Clem Leek + Relmic Statute + Sphereleus DJ, we will be there though, if you wish to buy us a pint. That’s a royal we, in case you fear a round] but returns in June for this little cracker:

Hibernate present:
Friday June 4th 2010 @ Hole In t’ Wall, Hangingroyd lane, Hebden Bridge

8.00pm, free entry.

The Declining Winter [http://www.myspace.com/thedecliningwinter]

When the brothers Adams allowed Hood an extended sabbatical it was always going to be interesting to see how far their musical paths would diverge from their unmistakable blueprint. Now temporarily freed from the pressures and expectations of the Hood environment, Richard Adams has breathed an audible sigh of relief into his new project, The Declining Winter. After releasing their debut album ‘Goodbye Minnesota’ to rave reviews, touring the UK with ambient legends Stars of the Lid and making their debut European appearance at the Tanned Tin festival in Spain in November 2008, their second album, ‘Haunt the Upper Hallways’, was released on Home Assembly Music in July last year.

Fieldhead [http://www.myspace.com/fieldhead]

Fieldhead is P. Elam (a resident of Leeds, UK). He produces ambient/electronic music that delights in tape hiss, geography, bleak landscapes and decaying analogue loops. He is also a full time member of The Declining Winter and a part time member of Glissando’s Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble.

Johnny Powell [http://www.myspace.com/johnnypowellmusic]

Deftly fingerpicked folk loveliness from a local favourite. During 2009, Johnny Powell began the creation of a large collection of alternative folk material for his new solo project using the harp, acoustic guitar, vocals and electronics (www.johnnypowell.com). The songs also involve a variety of strange and unexpected recorded clips and the use of unexpected, yet meaningful objects (curtain rails, toy cars, high heels, graveyard noises etc…) all designed to have symbolic links to the lyrics, and add intentional atmosphere to the music.

Was Ist Das Soundsystem

Spinning a mixture of indie, ambient & folk between sets.

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  1. admin says:

    Andrew Liles – “The Dying Submariner part 1”
    Augustus Pablo – “Black Gunn”
    Grouper – “Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping”

    [Johnny Powell]

    Current 93 – “Then Kill Caeser”
    Jack Rose – “Kensington Blues”
    Swans – “Love Will Tear Us Apart (M.Gira vocal version)”
    Faust – “No Harm”


    Richard Youngs “Broke Up By Night”
    Death In Vegas “Dirge”
    Frank Zappa “Willie The Pimp”

    [The Declining Winter]

    Can “Paperhouse”
    Dungen “Panda”
    The Stooges “1970”
    Z-Rock Hawaii “Bad To The Bone”
    Michael Yonkers & Plastic Crimewave Sound “Pulse Rising”
    Mars Volta “Cassandra Gemini:C to E”

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