Leeds – Royal Park Cellars – Talvihorros + Matthew Collings + Ten – Thursday September 8th 2011

Hibernate presents Talvihorros, Matthew Collings & Ten at the Royal Park Cellars, 7pm on Thursday 8th September. Entry just £5 on the door.


Talvihorros is an experimental composer from London, exploring the possibilities of the guitar. His compositions venture into the fields of ambient, modern classical, drone, post-rock and folk but fails to fall into the cliches associated with any of these genres. Old and broken equipment and recording techniques are favoured over new and modern tools.

Both acoustic and electric guitars are layered with organ, synthesizer, mandolin, radio frequencies and various percussion instruments to create dense collages of sound, sometimes melodic, sometimes challenging but always captivating. He has recently released ‘Solo Guitar Improvisations II’ and will be releasing a full length vinyl entitled ‘Descent Into Delta’ on Hibernate Records in Autumn 2011.

Matthew Collings:

Tiny delicate moments of intimacy and all-consuming noise; the music of British/Icelandic composer and sound artist Matthew Collings is textural, melodic and often sonically overwhelming. Spanning the divide between Steve Reich and avant-garde guitar music, Collings has already found considerable praise from the international community for his previous releases under the curious moniker Sketches for Albinos, releasing 4 full lengths albums in the US, UK and Japan. His compositions include a wide range of instrumentation, from guitars, piano, organ and vocals to white noise, percussion, found sound and field recordings, theremin, brass and strings.

He is currently based in Edinburgh, where he is establishing a reputation as a live performer, notably with his piece ‘Flags of a Dead Ship’, for multiple electric guitars, prepared amplifier, room acoustics and laptop, expanding on the experience of putting together ensembles on the fly on 3 successful tours of the UK. Prior to this he was based in Iceland, working with respected artists and producers such as Valgeir Sigurðsson (producer for Björk), classical composer Nico Muhly (also known for his work with Philip Glass) and Australian composer and sound-artist Ben Frost. His work for films includes a specially commissioned live score for Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic, ‘The Man with the Movie Camera’ for the Reykjavik Design Festival (2010) and an invitation to work on ‘The Invisibles’ (2010), a commission from Amnesty International with Ben Frost, featuring Gael Garcia Bernal. His work has also featured in Installations at the Burning Man Festival (2010, USA), Chattanooga Gallery of Contemporary Art (2010, USA), Icelandic Academy of Arts (Iceland, 2009) and Manipulate Festival (UK, 2011). He will be releasing an album ‘Splintered Instruments’ in late 2011.


Ten is a mixture of ambient, instrumental and electronic sounds crafted together with the help of Analogue keyboards, Guitars, Various Delay Pedals, Pro tools, MSP MAX, and a String Quartet all led by musician Dominic Deane. Ten have had the privilege to play around England, Europe and North American

Their debut EP ‘Journeys’ was recorded in May/June 2009 and released on CD and distributed throughout Europe, Australia, and North American.

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2 Responses to Leeds – Royal Park Cellars – Talvihorros + Matthew Collings + Ten – Thursday September 8th 2011

  1. admin says:

    well, due to a bit of stylus damage and no replacement available that day, the set was a little complex. One deck and one iPod. Plus a little bit of Buddha Machine & Electroplankton Hanenbow on the 3ds. Also, where I had the DJ booth set up, I was unable to speak to the sound guy or musicians to work out when they were on and off, so there was further jiggery pokery as I’d have things playing during the live sets, ready for the fade to me. Also, due to technical problems at the venue causing delays, the doors opened before soundcheck finished…so I did a bit of music around the sound check too:

    1st set – early doors/soundcheck
    Buddha Machine
    Cyclobe – How Acla Disappeared From Earth
    Buddha Machine
    Cyclobe – The Woods Are Alive With The Smell Of His Coming


    2nd set
    Electroplankton Hanenbow
    Isidore Ducasse – I Hail You, Old Ocean!
    Isidore Ducasse – Mesmeric and Savage
    Barn Owl – Void and Devotion
    Cyclobe – Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window
    Human Greed – The Green Line
    Evan Caminiti – Static Waves
    Irr.App.(ext). – Kreiselwelle


    Irr.App.(ext). – Kreiselwelle [continued – this track is an hour long, so I just left it playing when Matthew came on and sound guy faded it back in Matthew had finished]
    Offthesky – Now We’re Nowhere
    Electroplankton Hanenbow
    Cam Deas & Jack Allett – The Wagon
    Eduard Artemiev – Stalker 1
    Current 93 – Jasmine
    Fred Frith – Rivers and Tides: Working With Time part VI
    Moondog – Snaketime Rhythm
    Nurse With Wound – Soliloquy For Lilith
    Moondog – Snaketime Rhythm
    Nurse With Wound – You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
    Grouper – Giving It To You
    Scorn – Dreamspace (Coil’s Shadow vs Executioner mix)


    The Nothing Machine – 1.1
    Ash Ra Tempel – Jenseits
    Spectrum – The Drunk Suite
    Tangerine Dream – Fly & Collision of Comas Sola
    Aidan Baker – Still Life

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