Manchester – Kraak 2 – MIE & Hibernate Recordings all-dayer – Saturday 7th May

Stephan Mathieu
BJ Nilsen
TSU (Rob Curvengen & Joerg Maria Zeger)
Relmic Statute
Ithaca Trio
Richard Ingham
Danny Saul
Simon Scott.

+ Was Ist Das Soundsystem

2pm start, tickets £7 advance, £8 on the door

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3 Responses to Manchester – Kraak 2 – MIE & Hibernate Recordings all-dayer – Saturday 7th May

  1. admin says:

    Right, the setlist:

    Ben Nash – Sukhauti
    Qluster – Los Geht’s
    Calexico – Untitled III
    Kyle Bobby Dunn – Canyon Meadows
    The Stooges – We Will Fall


    Szumon Kaliski – To Specific Place
    Faust vs Nurse With Wound – Disconnected
    Evan Caminiti – Distant Lights


    Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils & Golden Sands
    Cluster – Plas
    Coil – Lost Rivers of London
    Felicia Atkinson – Sea Lions
    Nurse With Wound – Ketamineaphonia


    The Psychogeographical Commission – Widdershins
    Hair & Skin Trading Co – Static
    Nurse With Wound – Soliloquay For Lilith
    Six Organs of Admittance – School of the Flower


    Tangerine Dream – Alpha Centauri
    Spectrum – Taste The Ozone [alt. version]
    Jim O’Rourke – Bad Timing pt 2


    Sun Araw – Hustle & Bustle
    Alejandro Jodorowsky – Le Catedral de los Puercos
    Carlton Melton – Harrington Fair
    Grouper – Imposter In The Sky
    Sunburned Hand of the Man – Arp and Hammer
    Current 93 – Jasmine
    Antony & The Johnsons – Swanlights
    Ash Ra Tempel – Jenseits


    Barn Owl – Light from the Mesa
    Lawrence English – Organs Lost At Sea
    Offthesky – Now We’re Nowhere
    Message to Bears – Hidden Beneath
    MV&EE – Environments (Live Road version)


    Irr.App.(Ext.) – Ozeanische Gefuhle

    B.J.NIELSEN (aborted set due to technical issues)

    Deaf Centre – The Day I Would Never Have
    Guru Guru – U.F.O.
    Can – Aumgn
    Spectrum – The Drunk Suite
    Andrew Liles – Anything, Everything, Nothing


    Nurse With Wound – Echo Poem Sequence No.2
    Twinsistermoon – Then Fell The Ashes
    Faust – Just A Second


    Popol Vuh – Aguirre III
    Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels of Love (Carl Craig re-version)
    Andrew Liles – Akazu Hyena Butter
    Neu! – Lila Angel
    Public Image Ltd – Memories
    Can – Oh yeah

  2. admin says:

    correction! made a little typo at the start of my 2nd set:

    Szumon Kaliski – To Specific Place

    should read:

    Szymon Kaliski – To Specific Place

    taken from his excellent debut album “Out of Forgetting”